ADT Door Chime Not Working? (Solved)

Did your ADT Door Chime suddenly stop working? In this article, you’ll learn how to restore your door chime to its perfect working condition. Let’s get started.

ADT Door Chime Not Working

But first, you should know why your ADT Door Chime stopped working.

Here are some reasons your ADT Door Chime isn’t working properly:

  • Low battery power.
  • Power outage.
  • Your ADT Door Chime is faulty.

For details on how to troubleshoot these issues, keep reading.

ADT Door Chime Not Working: How to Troubleshoot

1. Recharge Your ADT Door Chime Battery

Your ADT Door Chime may stop working if the battery power is low.

As you probably know, the ADT Door Chime is battery-powered. So, when the battery power runs out, it won’t function properly.

To know whether your ADT Door Chime battery is running low, check the device’s touchpad. Your door chime’s touchpad will produce a continuous beeping sound if the battery in the device is low.

Once you’ve confirmed that your door chime’s battery is low, charge it up.

Take the following steps to recharge your ADT door chime battery:

  • Remove the ADT Door Chime battery pack from the device. To do this, you’ll need to press and hold the tab at the bottom of the mounting bracket. Then slide it up and pull the battery pack out from the device.
  • Insert the door chime’s micro USB cable into the charging port in the battery pack.
  • Then plug the other end of the micro USB cable into a charger or a charging station, such as a computer. If you are using a charger to recharge your ADT Door Chime battery, you’ll also have to plug the charger into a power outlet.
  • Let the battery charge for about 8 hours.
  • When the battery is fully charged, you’ll see a green light on the battery pack. Unplug the battery pack from its charger once you notice this green light.
  • Now, reinsert the battery pack into the doorbell and close it.
  • Finally, mount the ADT doorbell back on its mounting bracket and slide it down until it clicks into place.

Your ADT Door Chime should start working now. But if not, continue to the next troubleshooting step.

2. Reset Your ADT Door Chime

Your ADT Door Chime requires stable electricity to function properly. So, if you experience a power outage in your home, the door chime may disconnect from the main ADT panel.

To resolve this issue, you need to reset your door chime.

Follow these steps to reset your ADT Door Chime:

  • Tap your door chime’s touchpad to turn on the screen.
  • Then click on the Tools tab at the right-hand corner of the home screen.
  • Next, input your ADT master code.
  • Tap Settings. Then select Chime.
  • You’ll see a switch under the Chime Tab. Toggle the switch under the Chime tab to the ON position. This should reset your ADT door chime.

Your ADT Door Chime should start working once the reset is complete.

3. Consult Your Technician

If your ADT Door Chime still doesn’t work after you’ve reset the chime, some components in the device might be faulty. So, you might need to replace these components to fix the door chime.

That said, you might not be able to detect the defective components in the ADT Door Chime if you aren’t a technician.

Request an expert to inspect your ADT Door Chime if you think the device is faulty. The expert will determine which parts are defective and inform you. They may even advise you on how to get quality replacement parts for your door chime.


So that’s how to troubleshoot your ADT Door Chime that isn’t working properly.

To recap, if your ADT Door Chime suddenly stops working (not ringing), recharge the device’s battery to fix the problem. If that doesn’t help, reset your door chime.

However, if the problem persists after you’ve reset the door chime, ask an expert to check and fix your ADT Door Chime or contact ADT Customer Support for help.

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