Alexa Not Discovering Eufy Doorbell? (Troubleshooting Tips)

If you’re having problems connecting your Eufy Doorbell to Alexa, this post contains troubleshooting tips to help you fix the problem.

Alexa Not Discovering Eufy Doorbell

But first, you want to know the reasons behind this issue.

If Alexa isn’t discovering your Eufy Doorbell, here are some reasons this might be happening:

  • You haven’t connected your eufySecurity account to Alexa.
  • You connected Alexa to the wrong Eufy skill.
  • You’ve renamed your Eufy doorbell
  • Your internet connection is unstable.

For details on how to go about these issues, keep reading.

Alexa Not Discovering Eufy Doorbell: Try These Troubleshooting Tips

1. Enable eufySecurity Skill in the Alexa App

Before Alexa can detect your Eufy doorbell, you’ll need to first link your eufySecurity account to Alexa by enabling the eufySecurity Skill in the Alexa app.

So, if Alexa isn’t discovering your Eufy doorbell, you may not have integrated your eufySecurity account with Alexa.

You can fix this issue by adding eufySecurity as a Skill in the Alexa app.

Follow these steps to connect your eufySecurity account to Alexa:

  • Open the Alexa app on your phone and tap on the side menu.
  • Next, select Skills and Games.
  • Tap on the search bar and enter “eufySecurity”. You can also scroll through the skills until you find the eufySecurity skill.
  • Enable eufySecurity once you find it. This should take you to the Link Account page.
  • On the Link Account page, the system will ask you to input your eufySecurity account name and password.
  • If you’ve entered the correct account name and password, you’ll see the message ‘Successfully Linked’. This means that you have successfully paired your eufySecurity account with Alexa.
  • After you’ve finished pairing your eufySeucrity with Alexa, you can tap the Discover Devices button. Your Eufy doorbell should appear now.

If this doesn’t help, continue to the next step.

2. Confirm that You’ve Connected Alexa to the Right Eufy Skill

There are 3 Eufy skills on the Amazon Alexa App: eufySecurity, eufyHome, and eufyLife. While the eufySecurity Skill covers most Eufy devices like Outdoor Camera and Eufy doorbells, eufyHome deals with smart light bulbs and smart switches.

On the other hand, the eufyLife app only works with Eufy BodySense Smart Scale. If you’ve only enabled the eufyHome or eufyLife skill in the Alexa app, Alexa won’t discover your Eufy doorbell.

So, if Alexa isn’t discovering your Eufy doorbell, you’ll need to check whether you’ve enabled the eufySecurity skill.

Here’s how to do that:

  • From the home screen of the Alexa app, tap the side menu.
  • Tap Skills and Games.
  • Now, tap on the search bar and enter ‘Eufy’. Then tap on the eufySecurity skill to see if it is already enabled.
  • If your eufySecurty skill isn’t enabled, tap on Enable to activate it.

If you tap the Discover Devices button after enabling the eufySecurity skill, your Eufy Doorbell should show up.

3. Remove and Re-add the EufySecurity Skill in the Alexa App

If the problem persists, another fix to try is to unlink your eufySecurity in the Alexa app and link it back. This usually helps to correct some errors and refresh the connection.

If you’re not sure how to do this, follow the steps below to remove and relink the eufySecurity skill in the Alexa app:

  • Open the Alexa app and click on the side navigation bar on the home screen.
  • Select SkIlls and Games.
  • Click on the eufySecurity skill and tap the Disable button beside it.
  • Next, close the Alexa app window on your phone. Then restart the Alexa app.
  • Open the menu bar again and click on Skills and Games.
  • Select the eufySecurity Skill and tap Enable to activate the skill in Alexa.

Now you’ve unlink and relink the eufySecurity skill in the Alexa app—and this should resolve the problem. Continue to the next step if the problem continues.

4. Check the Name of Your Eufy Doorbell

Alexa may have discovered your Eufy doorbell, but you may not notice the device because you’ve changed the name.

If you can’t find your Eufy doorbell in the Alexa app, and Alexa has discovered other Eufy devices, confirm that you are looking for the right name.

You can check the name of your Eufy doorbell by opening your eufySecurity app and going to the Eufy Doorbell page.

5. Check that Your Router is Working Properly

If your internet connection is malfunctioning, Alexa may not find your Eufy doorbell.

So, if Alexa doesn’t detect your Eufy doorbell, check whether your router is working properly.

To know if your router is functioning properly, connect another smartphone to the router and try to surf the internet with the Wi-Fi connection.

If the smartphone loads web pages quickly, the fault might not be with your router. However, if your smartphone can’t connect to the internet, your router might have an issue.

If this is the case, you may need to reboot your router to refresh the connection.

Here’s how to reboot your router:

  • Press the power button on your router to turn it off. If your router is plugged into a power outlet, remove the power cord from the outlet.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Now, plug the power cord back and turn on the router. Your router should start loading now.

Note that this is a general method of rebooting/power cycling routers. If it doesn’t work for you, refer to your router’s user manual for specific instructions.

Next, check that your router is operating on the 2.4GHz band as Eufy devices don’t work with the 5GHz band. You can do this via your router’s admin page. If you’re not sure how to check and switch your router’s band, refer to the user manual for guidelines.

After rebooting your router and selecting the supported frequency/band, go back to the Smart Home tab in the Alexa app and tap on Discover Devices. Your Eufy doorbell should appear now.

6. Reset Your Eufy Doorbell

Unseen glitches in your Eufy doorbell can also cause issues like this. And you can fix this by performing a factory reset on the doorbell.

If you have a Eufy wired doorbell, you can reset it by inserting a pin or paper clip into the reset hole. Then press and hold it for a few seconds. The reset hole is located on the back of the doorbell.

If you’ve already installed your wired doorbell on the door, you’ll need to use the detaching pin that comes with the device to remove the doorbell from the mounting bracket. Once this is done, you’ll see the reset hole to perform the reset.

To reset your Eufy battery-powered doorbell, locate the Sync button on the rear side of the device, then long-press it for about 8 seconds.

Next, return to the eufySecurity app and set up your doorbell. Then check back in the Alexa app to see if the device is now discovered.

7. Update Your eufySecurity app and Alexa app

As you probably know, these apps usually have new versions periodically—to ensure continuous, reliable operation.

If your eufySecurity or Alexa app has new versions and you’re yet to upgrade, it may result in some malfunctions. Check and ensure you have the current version of the apps.

Closing Thoughts

To recap, if Alexa isn’t discovering your Eufy doorbell, here’s how to resolve the problem:

  • Ensure you’ve enabled eufySecurity Skill in the Alexa app.
  • Unlink and relink eufySecurity Skill in the Alexa app.
  • Reboot your router.
  • Check and update the eufySecurity app and Alexa app.
  • If the problem persists, reset your Eufy doorbell and set it up again.
  • If Alexa is still not finding your Eufy doorbell after trying all the fixes here, Contact Eufy Customer support for help.

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