Annke Camera Not Recording [How to Fix]

Your Annke camera should automatically start recording when it detects motion. But if the camera isn’t recording, there’s an issue with the device. Keep reading to see how to resolve this problem.

Annke camera

First off, note that your Annke camera will not record if there is no internal hard disk drive installed. Without the drive, the camera can only show live viewing but won’t record, even when motion is detected. So, check to be sure your camera has an internal hard disk installed.

If you have an internal hard disk installed but the camera won’t record, continue to the next paragraphs for more troubleshooting tips.

How to Fix Annke Camera Recording Problems

Check if there is a Hard Disk Drive Installed

As mentioned earlier, this is the first place to look when your Annke camera isn’t recording upon motion detection. The camera cannot record without a hard disk drive (HDD) installed in it.

So, confirm if the hard disk drive is installed. This will mean opening the unit or checking on the settings menu. Go to the system’s main menu and click on General. From there, click on HDD Information to check if the system comes with a pre-installed internal hard disk drive.

If there is none, you will need to install one yourself. Check the user’s manual that came with your Annke camera to see how this is done.

Format the HDD

This is common to a newly installed hard disk drive on the system. If your camera still doesn’t record after installing an internal HDD, you might need to format the disk. But before you format, first check the status of the hard disk.

If the status of the HDD says ‘Normal’, then you don’t need to format the disk—it was successfully installed. Move to the next troubleshooting tips for the problem.

But if the HDD status says ‘Unformatted’ or ‘Error’, it means the disk is not successfully installed and needs to be formatted.

The interface for formatting HDD differs from one Annke model to another. So, consult the user’s manual to see how it’s done for your specific model.

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Enable Motion Detection

This is an important feature in security cameras that helps them record videos upon detecting movement in the monitored area. While the feature is automatically enabled in some cameras, you will have to manually do it in some.

Check if your camera’s motion detection feature is enabled. Go to the app on your phone and enable motion detection. If you are not sure how this is done for your specific camera model, check the user’s manual.

Adjust Motion Sensitivity

When the camera’s motion sensitivity is too weak, it won’t be able to detect movement even when an object walks into the monitored area. That means the camera will not be recording anything because it cannot detect motion. Check the motion sensitivity, and increase it if it’s too low.

Set Motion Recording Schedule

If the motion recording schedule is not set or wrong, your camera may not record even when it detects motion.

Open the app and navigate to the settings menu, then Motion Recording Schedules. If the feature is set to ON, but no schedules are set, that may be the reason your Annke camera is not recording.

Set recording schedules. Those are the times you will want your camera to record videos when it detects movement in the monitored area.

Reset the Camera

Resetting your camera may also help resolve the recording issue. If you’ve tried other troubleshooting tips but no success, rest the camera and set it up afresh.

To reset your Annke camera, find the reset button on the camera and use a pin to press and hold it for about 30 seconds. After one minute, the camera will spin itself until it stops after 30 seconds.

The LED on the camera will then flash blue while the camera begins to rotate itself. That means your camera is reset. Check now if the problem has been fixed.

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Final Thoughts

To recap, first check if an HDD is installed and read ‘Normal.’ Then check if motion detection is enabled and also adjust motion sensitivity.

Additionally, the issue can sometimes be due to wrong Motion Recording Schedules. Check through the troubleshooting tips we have highlighted above.

Give them a try one after the other to fix any problem you might have with your Annke camera recording. You will definitely find one that fixes the problem with your camera.

However, if none of them helps fix the issue, you may need to contact the Annke customer support team for help!