CPI Doorbell Camera Not Recording Clips [Quick Fix]

If you are looking for troubleshooting tips for your CPI doorbell camera that is not recording clips, you have come to the right place. In this post, I’ll explain the reasons behind this problem and how you can fix it. Keep reading!

CPI doorbell camera

First, one common reason behind this problem is that the camera’s recording schedules have been paused. When you hit your saved clip limit for the previous month, the schedules automatically stop, preventing the camera from recording and saving further clips. So, go to the app on your phone and turn on recording schedules to fix the problem. 

If you don’t know how to enable recording schedules, keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to resume recording schedules for your CPI doorbell camera. And if this is not the reason your camera isn’t recording, you will find more troubleshooting tips as you keep reading.

How to Fix ‘CPI Doorbell Camera Not Recording Clips’ Issue

Make Sure the Camera is Turned on and Has Received Power

This is where to begin your troubleshooting journey when your CPI doorbell camera is not recording clips. If your camera is not turned on and receiving a regular power supply, then it won’t record any clips even when someone is at your door.

So, make sure the camera is turned on. The light on the switches should illuminate to show that it’s working. At the same time, check and be sure the power adaptor and the power outlet are working fine.

If your CPI doorbell camera is battery-powered, ensure the battery is charging and working at its best.

Enable Recording Schedules

The camera’s recording schedules or recording rules tell the camera what to do when someone gets to your doorstep. If the device is not scheduled to record videos on those occasions, then it won’t do that.

Your recording schedules will pause once you hit your saved video clip limit for the month. You can resume your schedules by resetting the limit or wait for another month or so.

So, if your camera is not recording, you may want to check the recording schedules and enable it. Go to the app, then click on the Video tab and then on Recording Rules. Next, toggle on both “Doorbell Call Recording” and “Doorbell Motion Recording Schedule.”

Once these are turned on, check again if your camera can now record. If this does not help, check the next troubleshooting tips.

Reboot the Camera

If power issues and recording rules are not the sources of the problem, then it might be caused by some sort of glitches. In that case, a quick reboot of the device should fix that.

Simply press and hold the button on the camera for about 45 seconds to reboot it. Once the camera is back on again, check if it can now record clips of people at the door.

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Check Your Network Connection

A poor Wi-Fi connection can cause your CPI camera to not record clips. The camera generally requires an upload speed of 2Mbps and 90% or higher signal strength.

That means if your network signal is not strong enough, the camera won’t be able to upload any clips for you to see.

So, check the strength of your Wi-Fi. If it’s too weak, then try to reset the Wi-Fi by unplugging the router for about a minute before powering it back on again. You can also consider upgrading your home Wi-Fi for better connectivity.

Reset the Camera

If the previous fixes fail to resolve your camera’s problem, you might want to consider resetting the device. Restoring it to factory default can help correct a lot of abnormalities with the camera, including not being able to record video clips.

To reset the camera, find the reset button on the device—usually at the back of the camera. Use a paperclip or something similar to press and hold the reset button for about 5 seconds. Wait for the camera to come back on again. That should fix the problem.

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Final Thoughts

If your doorbell camera is recording clips, it’s likely the recording schedules or recording rules have been paused. Go to the app and activate the schedules. If that does not help, try to reboot the device and check your Wi-Fi network. You can as well try to reset the camera if none of these fix work.

On the other hand, you can also contact CPI customer support for help. They will be able to recommend specific fixes you can try based on your device type and model.

And if you are still covered by warranty, they can help secure a replacement if they can’t eventually help get the camera to work properly.