Litmor Camera Not Recording [Quick Fix]

If your Litmor camera isn’t recording and you’re looking for tips to resolve the issue, keep reading.

In this post, I’ll walk you through some handy tips to resolve this problem. Let’s get started.

Litmor camera

First off, if your Litmor camera isn’t recording events, it’s probably because the motion detection feature isn’t enabled.

For your camera to detect movement in the monitored area and record clips, the motion detection feature needs to be enabled. So go to the Litmor app on your phone and enable the motion detection feature.

However, if this does not fix the issue, keep reading to discover more fixes to try.

Tips to Fix Litmor Camera Recording Issues

Check that Motion Detection is Enabled

As mentioned earlier, this is the first step to take if your Litmor camera isn’t recording events.

Your camera can only record events when it senses motion. So, you’ll need to turn on the motion detection feature.

So, if you have been having issues with your Litmor camera recording, motion detection might not be enabled. Open the app (Litmor app) on your phone. Then navigate to settings and check if the feature is not turned on. If not, turn it on.

If this checks out and your Litmor camera is still not recording events, continue to the next step.

Replace Batteries

A low power supply can be another reason your camera is not recording. Motion detection is a power-dependent feature. So, when the charge in your camera’s batteries is low, the camera may not be able to record.

So, charge the batteries if they are weak or replace them (if replaceable). Check the user’s manual that came with the camera to know the right battery specification.

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Enable Recording Schedules

The recording schedule is another factor that can prevent your camera from recording. The schedules are meant to tell your camera when to record when movement is detected in the monitored area. When no recording schedules are set, the camera will not record.

So, open the Litmor app on your mobile phone and tap on the Schedule tab on the left-hand side of the page. If the feature is set to ‘OFF,’ change it to either ‘Record and Notify’ or ‘Record Only.’ Then set schedules when you want the camera to record movements.

Adjust Motion Detection Sensitivity

Low motion sensitivity can prevent your camera from recording. When the sensitivity is too low, the device will not be able to detect movement in the area.

To fix this, open the Litmor app and navigate to the Motion detection sensitivity section to make some adjustments if it’s too low.

Reboot the Camera

A quick reboot can help fix the issue with your camera, especially if it’s caused by some sort of bug. To reboot your Litmor camera, take out the batteries and wait for about 5 seconds before putting them back in.

Now, check if your camera can now record videos upon detecting motion in the monitored area. If not, you might need to reset the device. The next troubleshooting tip will explain how to do that.

Reset your Litmor Camera

If none of the fixes mentioned above couldn’t fix the issue with your camera, you can consider resetting it to get the job done. Resetting your camera to factory default will help clear caches and fix incorrect settings that might be causing the issue.

However, this will also cause you to lose your custom settings, including your recording schedules, etc. To reset your Litmor camera, here are the steps to follow.

Open the camera to find the reset button—usually at the bottom of the camera, next to the battery compartment. Now, press and hold the button for about 3 seconds until you hear a beeping sound. Check whether the red indicator light is flashing. That shows your camera has been reset successfully.

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Final Note

So that’s how to fix recording issues in your Litmor camera. Remember, the first thing to check is if the motion detection feature is enabled.

Also, check that motion sensitivity is not low and charge the batteries. Other fixes to try include enabling recording schedules, and rebooting/resetting the camera.

However, if none of these works, contact Litmor Customer support for help. They will be able to recommend solutions specific to your camera. And if you are still covered by warranty, you can get a replacement.