Frontpoint Doorbell Camera Not Recording [How to Fix]

If your Frontpoint doorbell camera is not recording, this post contains some helpful tips to help you resolve the problem.

Frontpoint doorbell camera

First off, if your camera isn’t recording, first check the recording rules. From the Frontpoint app, toggle off the feature and back on again. That should fix the issue you are facing with recording.

However, if that did not help, keep reading to discover some possible fixes to the problem.

How to Fix ‘Frontpoint Doorbell Camera Not Recording’ Issue

Check Recording Schedules

The recording schedules or recording rules tell your camera what to do when someone comes close to your door. If this feature is turned off, your camera may not record. At the same time, it could be on, but some bugs are preventing it from working properly.

So, go to the system settings either on the Frontpoint app to toggle off and on the recording schedule feature. Now, check if the camera can record. If it still doesn’t record, proceed to the next fixes below.

Reboot the Device

A quick power cycle can help fix any bugs preventing your Frontpoint doorbell camera from recording. If the issue is not the recording schedules, then do a quick reboot of the unit to fix the problem.

Press and hold the button on the device until the LED light flashes blue—then release it. That shows the device has been successfully rebooted. Now check if it can detect and record motion in the area.

Check for Power Issues

If your camera is not receiving power, it won’t be able to record clips when someone is at your door. So, when this is happening, check to be sure the unit is receiving power.

Check if it is connected to a working power outlet and that the power adaptor is working fine. To confirm this, you may need to test it with another adaptor or outlet.

Check for Network Problems

Many people are usually not aware of this, but network issues can also prevent your camera from recording clips.

The camera generally requires an upload speed of at least 2 Mbps and 90% or higher signal strength. If your Wi-Fi network signal is not strong enough, your camera won’t record.

So, on the website, click on “Video” to check your doorbell camera’s signal strength. If it is not strong enough, you may need to upgrade the Wi-Fi in your home to support the camera.

But in the meantime, try to reset the Wi-Fi by unplugging your router or modem for about 1 minute before powering it back on. Now, connect to the Wi-Fi and check if the signal strength is now stronger.

Reset the Device

If you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and none of them could help, you may need to reset the camera. Restoring it to factory default can help fix most issues you may be having with the unit. If the recording problem is caused by some glitches, resetting will definitely take care of them.

To reset your Frontpoint doorbell camera, press and hold the button on the unit until the LED light flashes yellow, and then release it. This would typically take about 80 seconds.

Once you see the yellow light flashing, it means the device has been reset.

Set it up again as you did when you first got the camera and test if it can now record clips of people when they come close to your door.

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Wrapping Up

Now, you know what to do when your Frontpoint camera is not recording. First, toggle off and on the recording schedule feature. If that does not work, check for power issues or reboot the device.

You can also check if your home Wi-Fi network signal is strong enough. If none of these works, try resetting the camera to factory default to fix the problem. To reset, hold down the button on the unit until the LED light flashes yellow—then release it.

You can also contact the Frontpoint customer support team for help. They will be able to recommend specific fixes based on your device type. And if they can’t get it to record still, they can help you secure a replacement if you are still covered by warranty.