Does Schlage Connect Work with Schlage App?

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If you’re wondering whether Schlage Connect Smart Deadbolt works with the Schlage Home app, you want to keep reading as this post contains valuable information for you.

So, let’s head right into it!

Schlage Connect does not work with the Schlage app, but other third-party apps, such as SmartThings, Wink, Nexia, and Ring Alarm.

With either of the compatible apps, you can control your Schlage Connect Deadbolt from miles away as long as the lock is added/connected to the app.

However, you need to get a hub for the integration. What this means is, you can’t get any of the apps to work with your Schlage Connect without the hub. For instance, if you want to add your lock to the SmartThings app, you need to get the SmartThings hub to make the integration work.

That said, if you’d like to learn more about Schlage Connect Deadbolt features, what works with it, and what doesn’t, keep reading.

Schlage Connect Deadbolt Features and Compatibility

So let’s look at some key features of the Schlage Connect Touchscreen Deadbolt, including Smart Home Systems that work with the lock.

Does Schlage Connect Work with Schlage App

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Built-in Alarm: This is one unique feature of the Schlage Connect Deadbolt. The built-in alarm (depending on your configuration) notifies you when the batteries are low and when there’s a forceful entry attempt at the door.

Auto-Lock: This feature adds an extra layer of security to your door. The auto-lock feature (when enabled) will automatically lock the door after a few seconds (when the door closes). So you won’t have to worry, regardless of whether you left the door unlocked.

Lock and Leave: You can enable this feature if you don’t want to lock your door from outside with a User Code. That is, you can easily lock your door from outside by pressing the Schlage button. See how to enable Lock and Leave here.

Z-Wave Plus: This lock uses Z-Wave or Z-Wave Plus as its communication protocol. So you can connect it to any compatible Z-Wave Smart Home System for remote access.

Compatible with Ring Alarm Security System: Schlage Connect works with the Ring Alarm Security System. What this means is, you can pair the lock with your Ring Alarm system and then control the lock from miles away via the Ring Alarm app on your mobile device.

Compatible with Samsung SmartThings: Like Ring Alarm, Schlage Connect is also compatible with Samsung SmartThings. So you can integrate it with Samsung SmartThings (it requires the hub) and then control the lock from anywhere through the SmartThings app.

More so, the lock works with Wink and Nexia Smart Home Systems, and you use the apps to control the lock remotely, as long as the integration is intact.

Compatible with Alexa and Google Home: Schlage Connect also features hands-free control. To get this to work, you need to connect the lock to Alexa or Google Home. If successfully connected, you can ask Alexa or Google Assistant to lock and unlock your door via voice commands.

You can also control the lock through the Alexa app or Google Home app. But you need a hub to make the integration work.

Related Questions

What hub works with Schlage Connect?

In my experience, the SmartThings hub works fine with Schlage Connect. Other compatible hubs are Wink and Nexia.

Does Schlage Connect work with SmartThings?

Yes. Schlage Connect works with SmartThings, and you can control the lock remotely via the SmartThings app on your phone.

Does Schlage Connect work without Wi-Fi?

Yes. Without Wi-Fi, Schlage Connect can function normally as a smart lock (lock and unlock it via the keypad). However, if you want to be able to access the lock remotely (from miles away), Wi-Fi is required, meaning it won’t work without Wi-Fi in this case.

How do I pair Schlage Connect with SmartThings?

Here’s how to do that:

  1. Download the SmartThings app on Google Play Store or Apple and App Store.
  2. Launch the app and tap My Home.
  3. Select Things, and then under Things, select Add a Thing. The SmartThings LED indicator will blink green, showing it’s in pairing mode.
  4. Press the outside Schlage button on your lock and then enter your current Programming Code.
  5. Press 0. The lock will blink green, followed by a single beep, showing that the pairing was successful.
  6. Now return to the SmartThings app on your phone to see if it has found your lock. Next, tap Rename Device and click Save when you’re done.
  7. Tap OK to complete the setup.

Final Thoughts

The short answer as to whether Schlage Connect works with the Schlage app is no. However, Schlage Connect Deadbolt supports remote access through third-party apps such as SmartThings and Wink.

Keep in mind, you need a hub to integrate your Schlage Connect with SmartThings, Nexia, or Wink. And if you already have the Ring Alarm Security System in your home, you can simply pair your Schlage Connect with it, which allows you to control the lock from anywhere through the Ring app.

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