EPICKA Smart Plug Setup Instructions

Just what the title says, if you’re looking to set up your EPICKA Wi-Fi Smart Plug but not sure how to go about it, this post is your go-to resource.

So in the following paragraphs, I’ll show you how to set up your EPICKA Plug with the Smart Life App and how to link it to Alexa and Google Home for hands-free control. Let’s begin!

How to EPICKA Smart Plug

How to Set Up EPICKA Smart Plug

This plug works with the Jinvoo Smart and Smart Life app. So, you can either use Jinvoo Smart or the Smart Life app to set it up. However, I’ve used the Smart Life app in this guide and I recommend you use it for your setup.

That said, follow the steps below to set up your EPICKA Smart Plug with the Smart Life app:

  1. Depending on the mobile device you’re using (Android or iOS), download the Smart Life app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store. You can simply type in Smart Life in the search box to find the app.
  2. Launch the app and sign up or log in. That is, if you don’t have an existing Smart Life account, tap “Sign Up” to create your account. But, if you have an existing account, tap “Log In” and enter your existing credentials (email and password).
  3. On the homepage, tap the Plus (+) symbol in the top right-hand corner and select “Socket (Wi-Fi)”. The app will ask you to confirm that the indicator light on your plug is blinking rapidly.
  4. Now, plug in your plug into a socket and ensure it has received power. If it doesn’t blink rapidly automatically, long-press the Power button for about 5 seconds until the indicator light blinks rapidly.
  5. Return to the app and tap “Confirm indicator light rapidly blinks”. Next, enter your Wi-Fi password (ensure your password is correct). And your Wi-Fi should be on a 2.4GHz network band to avoid connection failure.
  6. If everything in step 5 is correct, the app will connect to your plug in a few seconds. Once the pairing is complete, you’ll see a note on your screen that your device has been successfully added.
  7. Rename your device and tap “Done” to complete the process. Note that you’ll have to use the new name for voice commands via Alexa or Google Home; the name should differ from other devices you have linked with Alexa/Google Home.

So that’s all you need to do to set up your EPICKA Smart Plug with the Smart Life app for remote access. You can now turn on/off devices plugged into your EPICKA Plug remotely—through the app on your phone.

EPICKA Smart Plug Troubleshooting

Though the setup process is easy, you may sometimes encounter connectivity issues. See how to resolve common setup issues with your EPICKA Plug.

EPICKA Smart Plug Won’t Connect to Wi-Fi: Try These Troubleshooting Tips

  • Unplug your plug and plug it back in.
  • Reset the Plug. To reset your EPICKA Smart Plug, press and hold the Power button for a few seconds until you see rapid flashes from the LED indicator.
  • The plug doesn’t support the 5GHz Wi-Fi network band. So check your router and switch it to run only on a 2.4GHz network band. Refer to your router’s user manual for instructions on how to switch network bands.
  • Double-check your Wi-Fi password to see if it’s correct. If needed, reset your router and set a new password. Also, ensure your mobile device is connected to the same Wi-Fi network you want to connect your plug to.
  • If your router is positioned too far from the plug, try to move it closer to improve signal strength.
  • Turn on Bluetooth and Location on your phone; this helps the app to find and connect to your plug faster.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Smart Life app.
  • Now start the setup process again. Make sure the indicator light on the plug is blinking rapidly. If not, long-press the Power button until it blinks.

And that’s it. The above troubleshooting steps should fix the Wi-Fi connection issues with your EPICKA Smart Plug.

If you’ve successfully paired your plug with the Smart Life app, you can now link it to Google Home or Alexa for hands-free control. See how to do this below.

How to Set Up EPICKA Smart Plug with Google Home

  1. In the Google Home app homepage, tap the Plus (+) sign in the top left-hand corner.
  2. Tap “Set up device” and select “Works with Google”.
  3. Now you’ll have to search for the Smart Life app; click the Search icon in the upper right-hand corner and type in “Smart Life” and then tap “Smart Life” from the search results.
  4. A new screen will open for you to sign in with your Smart Life account information (email and password). Sign in and select “Smart Life”. Next, click on “Link Now”.
  5. Click on “Authorize” to complete the setup process with Google Home.

You can now control devices plugged into your EPICKA Smart Plug hands-free via Google Assistant.

How to Set Up EPICKA Smart Plug with Alexa

  1. Open the Alexa app on your phone and click on the Menu icon in the upper left-hand corner and then select “Skills and Games”.
  2. Click on the Search icon in the top right-hand corner and type in “Smart Life”. Next, click on “Smart Life” from the search results.
  3. Click on “ENABLE TO USE”. Now sign in with your Smart Life account credentials.
  4. Select “Smart Life” and click on “Link Now”.
  5. Click on “Authorize” to complete the process. A message will appear on your screen — “Smart Life has been successfully linked”.

Your EPICKA Smart Plug is now connected to Alexa via the Smart Life app. You can ask Alexa to turn on/off devices plugged into your EPICKA Smart Plug.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, the setup process is simple as long as you follow the steps correctly.

For Google Home and Alexa, note that you have to set them up first before you can pair your device.

And if you encounter any issue during the setup, refer to the troubleshooting tips above to fix it.