Homedics Air Purifier Not Turning On [How to Fix]

If your Homedics air purifier is not turning on, you are not alone. Many users also experience this issue. And the good news is you can sometimes fix this issue yourself.

Homedics Air Purifier

In this post, we will look at some reasons behind this issue and how you can fix it yourself. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s head right into it.

In short, the most likely reason your purifier won’t turn on is a power issue. So, confirm that the power plug is well connected to the device and to the power outlet. You may also need to check if the outlet is working. If not, switch to a different outlet to fix the problem.

However, if that does not help, keep reading to discover more fixes to try.

How to Fix ‘Homedics Air Purifier Not Turning On’ Issue

Check the Power Plug

This is the first place to look if your air purifier isn’t turning on. Check and confirm that the power plug is securely plugged into the appliance and the power outlet.

If the plug is not connected to the outlet, the purifier won’t get the required power supply. Therefore, it won’t turn on, no matter how hard you press the power button to switch it on.

However, if the plug is well connected to the outlet and the unit, you may want to confirm if the plug is faulty in the first place. Look out for any signs of damage on the plug.

If the plug is bad, you will need to replace it to fix the problem. But if the plug seems to be working fine and the purifier still won’t turn on, proceed to the next step to see how to fix the issue.

Confirm that the Power Outlet is Working

If your plug is working fine, the power outlet might be the culprit. A faulty outlet isn’t supplying electricity to the appliance, so the purifier can’t turn on.

So check and confirm if the outlet is working well by plugging another appliance into that particular outlet. If the appliance doesn’t come on, the problem might be from the faulty outlet and not your air purifier.

So, consider moving your purifier to another location in your home and then connect it to a different power outlet. Once you plug it into a different outlet, it should turn on. Then the problem is solved!

Check if Your Air Filter is Fitted Correctly

If you recently took out your air filter for cleaning, and you notice the purifier isn’t turning on after that time, this might be the cause of the problem.

An incorrectly fitted air filter can prevent the machine from turning on. So, check and be sure it’s fitted correctly into the filter compartment. You can check the purifier’s user manual to see how this is correctly done!

Watch Out for Overheating

Like with other home appliances, overheating can also be bad for your air purifier. It can cause permanent damage to the machine. So, to prevent that, your purifier will shut down once it detects an overheating within the unit.

In that case, you will need to disconnect the machine from the power outlet for a while and let it cool down. Once you notice the unit is cooled down, plug it back into the outlet and switch it on. It should turn on by now.

Clean the Filter

A clogged filter can also be another good reason your Homedics air purifier is not turning on. The filter performs most of the purification that happens within the unit.

It draws in unclean air from your room and ensures air purification in the space. But the filter can become dirty and clogged with time. That could have a toll on the functionality of the machine and can even prevent it from turning on.

To fix this, take out the air filter for cleaning. If the filter is waterproof, rinse it with cold water. But if you sense it’s not waterproof, you will have to use a vacuum cleaner to clean it.

Let it dry for about 24 hours before putting the fitter back into the compartment. Ensure you follow the instructions specified in the manual for fitting the filter.

Contact Homedics Customer Support

Sometimes, you may need to contact Homedics customer support to fix the problem, especially if you have tried all the fixes mentioned above and none worked.

The Homedics customer support team will provide you with the help you need. They can recommend more specific fixes or issue a replacement if you are still covered by a warranty.

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Closing Thoughts

Power issues are the most common reason your Homedics air purifier is not turning on. To fix it, check and confirm the power plug is working well and securely fitted to the air purifier and the power outlet.

You may also need to check if the air filter is correctly fitted into the air filter compartment. A clogged or incorrectly fitted air filter can cause your purifier not to turn on.

If you have followed all the fixes mentioned above, your purifier should be on and working fine. But if none of the fixes worked, you may need to contact Homedics customer support for help!