Levoit Air Purifier Not Turning On [How to Fix]

You are not alone if your Levoit air purifier is not turning on. Many users have also recorded the same issue with their Leviot air purifier.

So, in this post, I will walk you through some handy steps to troubleshoot this issue. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, keep reading.

Levoit Air Purifier

First off, if your Levoit air purifier is not turning on, power issues are usually the culprit. The power outlet may not be working or the power cord is damaged. To fix this, you will need to either plug the appliance into a different socket or change the power cord.

However, if that does not fix the problem, keep reading to discover more possible fixes for this issue.

How To Fix ‘Levoit Air Purifier Not Turning On’ Issue

Check Power the Power Source

Your Levoit air purifier needs a power supply to turn on. If the device is not turning on, chances are that it is not connected to a power source. So check and confirm that the power plug is securely fitted to the device and connected to a power outlet.

Once that is done, the air purifier should turn on—problem solved! However, if that doesn’t help, check the next fix.

Check the Power Outlet

A faulty outlet can also prevent your Leviot purifier from turning on.

So, if the air purifier is plugged into an outlet and still doesn’t turn on, check the power outlet; it might be faulty. To confirm if the outlet is bad, plug another appliance into the outlet. If the new appliance also did not come on, then the outlet is bad.

To fix that, relocate the purifier to another location in your home and connect it to another outlet.

Clean the Air Filter

Filters handle most air purification jobs. It sucks in dirt, debris, and dust, preventing them from coming into your home. However, these particles can block the air filter in the long run.

A clogged filter can prevent your Levoit air purifier from turning on. So, take out the filter and clean it. And if you have used the filter for over six months, you might consider replacing it, as cleaning an old filter usually doesn’t make any difference.

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Turn Off Sleep Mode

Most models of Levoit air purifiers come with a sleep mode feature. The sleep mode is activated by pressing the power button for three seconds.

When your Levoit air purifier is not turning on, chances are you have accidentally activated sleep mode. To fix this, press the power button for three seconds again to wake the unit from sleep mode.

Use the Correct Power Rating

Every Levoit air purifier comes with a power rating. This is the required amount of power needed to make the purifier work at its best. An incorrect power rating can cause damage to the purifier.

To prevent that from happening, Levoit air purifiers have a built-in mechanism that prevents it from turning on when the power rating is wrong.

So, check the purifier’s user manual to know the specific power rating of your purifier. Now plug it into a power socket that matches that rating. This may mean getting a different plug or outlet for the machine.

Contact Support

If you have tried all these fixes and none fixes the problem, you may need to contact Levoit customer support for help. They can assist you in solving the problem. And if you are still covered by warranty, you may get a replacement unit.

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Final Thoughts

Power issues are usually the major reason a Levoit air purifier is not turning on. So, if you are experiencing this problem with your purifier, check and confirm the power plug is plugged into a power outlet and that the outlet is working fine.

Other factors to consider are a clogged air filter, incorrect power rating, and the purifier in sleep mode. In this post, I have explained how all these factors can prevent your purifier from turning on and how to fix it.