How to Reset Schlage Keypad Lock from Outside?

If you’re wondering whether you can reset your Schlage keypad lock just from the outside, this post covers everything you need to know. 

Schlage Lock

In short, you cannot reset a Schlage Keypad Lock just from the outside. To reset, you need to access the interior assembly of the lock, as you’ll have to remove and reinstall the battery during the rest.

Keep reading to learn how to reset your Schlage Keypad Lock.

Resetting Your Schlage Keypad Lock

Before resetting your lock, you need to find the default Programming Code (that’s the 6-digit code that comes with the lock), as you’ll need the code to reprogram the lock after the reset.

Check the front/back of the user manual that comes with your lock to find the default Programming Code. If you don’t have the manual, remove the exterior assembly of the lock from the door—you’ll find the default Programming Code on the inside of the keypad assembly (printed on a white/yellow label).

The video below explains more on how to find the default Programming Code for you Schlage Lock:

Now that you have the default Programming Code, you can proceed with the reset:

  1. Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery.
  2. On the keypad, press the Schlage button and release it immediately.
  3. Go back to the interior assembly and reconnect the battery.
  4. Press and hold the Schlage button on the keypad until the status light turns green and you hear a beep. This step should be completed in 10 seconds—as programming mode may time out if it exceeds 10 seconds.
  5. If you hear a long beep and the Schlage button light turns green, as explained in step 4, the reset is complete. You can now go ahead and reprogram your lock (if you want) using the default Programming Code.

Note that after the reset, all codes you previously added to lock will be removed, and the default factory settings is restored. To program the lock after the reset, use the default Programming Code.

Also, note that this reset method may not work for Schlage Connect, Schlage Encode and Schlage Sense Deadbolt. See factory reset instructions for Schlage Sense, Schlage Encode and Schlage Connect Deadbolt.

That said, as you can see, you can’t reset your Schlage lock only from the outside—by pressing some keys on the keypad. You need to perform some functions on the interior and exterior assembly to reset the lock.

As mentioned earlier, make sure you keep the default Programming Code handy as it’s required to make changes to the lock programming, such as changing the Programming Code itself, adding/deleting User Codes, enabling auto-lock, etc., after the reset. 

For your needs, let’s look at how to reprogram your Schlage keypad Lock after resetting it.

Changing the Programming Code

The Programming Code is the 6-digit code that allows you to add or remove settings on your Schlage keypad lock. After resetting your lock, the factory default Programming Code is restored. You want to change this code for convenience or security.

Let’s look at how to do this:

  • Enter your 6-digit Programming Code on the keypad. Next, wait for the Schlage button to illuminate orange, and you hear three beeps.
  • Press the Schlage button. Then press 3 on the keypad. Wait for the three orange lights and three beeps.
  • Enter a new 6-digit Programming Code and wait for three orange lights and three beeps.
  • Enter the new 6-digit Programming Code again to confirm it. If you see a green light on the lock and hear one beep, it means the programming is successful.
  • Your new Programming Code is now active.

Wrapping Up

I hope this solves the puzzle about resetting a Schlage lock from the outside.

As mentioned earlier, you may need to change the default Programming Code of your lock after performing a reset—follow the instructions above to do that.

Like the Programming Code, your Schlage keypad lock comes with two default User Codes. This code lets you lock/unlock your door through the lock’s keypad.

But for security reasons, you want to remove these two default User Codes.

If you’re not sure how to do that, see how to remove the default User Codes and add new codes on your Schlage Lock after performing a factory reset.