Schlage Sense Factory Reset Instructions

If you’ve lost your Schlage Sense Programming Code or you want to move the lock to another door, you’ll need to reset the lock and reprogram it.

Also, if the lock isn’t working properly, performing a factory reset is usually a go-to fix.

In this post, I’ll walk you through the steps to perform a reset on your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

Resetting Schlage Sense

But before we head over to the instructions, note that resetting your Schlage Sense will remove all your custom programming, including integration with HomeKit/mobile app.

Make sure to find the default Programming Code and two Access Codes before proceeding with the reset. You can find the default codes on the front of the user guide that came with your lock or on the back of the alarm assembly. You’ll need these codes (especially the Programming Code) to reprogram the lock after the reset.

That said, let’s head over to the reset instructions.

Resetting Your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt

Follow the steps below to perform a factory reset on your Schlage Sense Smart Lock:

  1. Go to the interior assembly of your lock and remove the interior cover.
  2. Disconnect the battery connector cable.
  3. Press and hold the Outside Schlage button (the Schlage button on the keypad).
  4. Continue holding the Schlage button. Next, reconnect the battery connector while still holding the Schlage button.
  5. Now, release the Schlage button to complete the operation.
  6. Next, you’ll need to confirm that the reset is successful. To do this, press the Outside Schlage button and enter one of the default Access Codes. If the latch bolt extends and retracts, the reset was successful.

So that’s how to manually (on the lock itself) reset your Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt.

You can also reset your Schlage Sense through the app (if your lock was already paired with the app). To do this, open the app and delete the lock from the app. If the lock flashes the green Check mark, it means the app has initiated the factory reset process.

Press the Schlage button and enter one of the default Access Codes to confirm the reset.

However, I’d recommend the manual reset method as it’s more straightforward.

That said, if you’ve reset your Schlage Sense Smart Lock, the next thing you want to do is change the default codes and add new User Codes. Let’s look at how to do this.

Changing the Default Programming Code on Your Sense Smart Deadbolt

For convenience or security reasons, you want to change the default Programming Code on your Schlage Sense. Here’s how to do this:

  • Press the Schlage button on the keypad.
  • Enter the default Programming Code and press the Schlage button on the keypad.
  • Press key 3. Next, enter a new 6-digit Programming Code.
  • Re-enter the new 6-digit Programming Code.
  • You’ll see two flashes and hear two beeps, showing the programming is successful. Your new Programming Code is now active.

Deleting the Default Access Codes on Your Schlage Sense Smart Lock

  • Press the Schlage button on the keypad (the outside Schlage button).
  • Enter your current Programming Code.
  • Press key 6 and enter your Programming Code.
  • The lock will blink green twice and beep twice. This shows the default Codes have been deleted.

Note that this method deletes all Access Codes in your lock. If you’ve already added your own Access Codes to the lock and don’t want to lose them, don’t use this method. Instead, delete the default codes individually.

Adding New Access Codes to Your Schlage Sense Deadbolt

After deleting the default Access Codes from your lock, you’ll need to add new codes to unlock your door through the lock’s keypad or remotely.

Here’s how to add new Access Codes to your Schlage Sense Deadbolt:

  • Press the Schlage button on the keypad.
  • Enter your Programming Code and press key 1 on the keypad.
  • Enter a new digit Access Code (4-8 digits).
  • Enter the same new Access Code (4-8 digits). The lock will blink green twice and beep twice, showing the new code has been added.

Repeat the steps to add more Access Codes.

Closing Thoughts

You can reset your Schlage Sense Deadbolt in minutes if you follow the steps correctly.

However, note that you should only reset your Schlage Lock if you’ve lost the Programming Code or are having issues with the lock. And you must have your default Programming Code handy before resetting the lock.

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