Lorex Camera Keeps Disconnecting [6 Ways to Fix]

So you are trying to stream videos from your Lorex camera, but the device keeps disconnecting? We’ll show how to troubleshoot this issue yourself. Let’s get started.

Lorex Cam

First off, here are common reasons your Lorex Camera keeps disconnecting from Wi-Fi:

  • Your camera battery is low.
  • There are too many devices connected to your Lorex camera.
  • Your mobile device is not connected to the same network as your camera.
  • Your Wi-Fi router is too far away from your camera.
  • Your Lorex camera firmware is outdated.
  • You are using an old version of the Lorex Home app

For details on how to troubleshoot this problem, keep reading.

How to Fix a Lorex Camera that Keeps Disconnecting

Charge Your Lorex Camera

Your Lorex camera needs constant power to function properly. So, if the battery in the camera is low, the device may keep disconnecting from your Wi-Fi network. You can fix this issue by charging your camera.

Before charging your Lorex camera, check whether the charging port is on the camera or the battery pack. If the charging port is on the camera, insert the power adapter into an outlet first. Then, connect the charging port to the adapter.

However, if your camera’s charging port is located on the battery pack, you’ll need to remove the battery pack from the camera. After taking out the battery pack, connect it to the power adapter.

Your Lorex Camera should stop disconnecting after it is fully charged. However, if the device keeps disconnecting, continue to the next step.

Disconnect Some Devices from Your Lorex Camera

If your Lorex camera keeps disconnecting, you may have linked too many devices to the camera. Your camera can only connect to three devices without malfunctioning, especially when your internet upload speed is low.

If you have connected over three devices to your Lorex camera, you’ll need to remove some of them. Leave only about one mobile device connected to the camera.

Follow the guidelines below to remove a user from your Lorex camera:

  • Open your Lorex Home app.
  • You’ll see your camera on the home page. Click on the 3-dot icon above the camera to go to the Device Settings page.
  • Next, select Shared Users.
  • Click on the email the device was registered with on the Lorex Home app.
  • Tap Remove User to disconnect the device from your camera.

If your Lorex camera keeps disconnecting after you’ve removed all but one of the users, continue to the next step.

Connect Your Smartphone to the Same Wi-Fi Network as Your Lorex Camera

Your Lorex Camera might also disconnect from Wi-Fi if your phone (where the app is installed) and camera are connected to different Wi-Fi networks.

Your Lorex camera and phone need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for a stable connection.

If your Lorex camera keeps disconnecting, check and ensure your phone and camera are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Is your Lorex camera still disconnecting? Continue to the next step.

Move Your Router Closer to Your Lorex Camera

If your Lorex camera keeps losing Wi-Fi connection, your Wi-Fi signal might be weak. Usually, a low Wi-Fi signal shows your router is too far from the device.

To fix this, try to move the router closer to the camera. Your Wi-Fi signal may improve if the space between your router and camera is only about 30 feet.

After reducing the distance between your router and Lorex camera, check if your Wi-Fi signal has improved. You can do this by studying the Wi-Fi signal bars at the top of your home screen. If the Wi-Fi signal has three or more bars, the signal has improved, and your camera should stay connected to Wi-Fi.

However, if the signal is still weak, use an Ethernet cord to connect the camera to your router. Your Wi-Fi signal will get better after this.

If your Lorex camera keeps disconnecting when you have a strong Wi-Fi signal, move to the next step.

Update Your Lorex Camera Firmware

A glitch in your Lorex camera firmware may prevent the camera from staying connected to Wi-Fi. You can resolve this issue by upgrading your camera firmware.

The guide below will show you how to update your Lorex camera firmware:

  • Open your Lorex Home App from your phone.
  • Click on the Settings icon above your camera. You’ll be taken to the Device Settings page for your camera.
  • Tap Firmware at the top of the Device Settings page.
  • Your camera’s current and latest firmware versions will be displayed on the Firmware page.
  • Click on Latest Version to update your Lorex camera firmware.

Your Lorex camera should stop disconnecting from Wi-Fi after updating the firmware. But if the camera keeps disconnecting, try the next tip.

Update Your Lorex Home App

Your Lorex camera firmware may contain updates incompatible with old versions of the Lorex Home app. So, if you are using an outdated Lorex app with your newly upgraded camera firmware, the camera may develop some issues. One of these issues might be an unstable Wi-Fi connection.

To keep your camera from disconnecting, update your Lorex Home app.

Here’s how to update your Lorex Home App:

  • Open the Google Play Store or App Store on your phone.
  • Enter “Lorex Home app” in the search bar.
  • Then click on the Lorex Home app in the search results. You’ll be taken to the Lorex app download page.
  • Tap Update to upgrade your Lorex Home App to its newest version.

If your Lorex camera keeps disconnecting after updating the app, continue to the last step.

Restore Your Lorex Camera Factory Settings

If your Lorex camera continues disconnecting after trying all the tips above, restore the factory settings on the camera. Factory resetting your camera will erase all saved settings, errors, and bugs, thus letting you set up your camera afresh.

Follow these steps to factory reset your Lorex camera:

  • Check if your Lorex camera is still connected to your recorder. If not, link the camera to a recorder using an Ethernet cable.
  • Locate the Reset button at the back or bottom of your camera. Then, press and hold the button.
  • While holding the Reset button, remove the Ethernet cable connecting the camera to the recorder. Then insert it back into the camera immediately.
  • After this, hold the Reset button for 15 more seconds. You can now release it.
  • This should reset the camera.

Your camera will automatically delete from your Lorex Home app after the reset. That said, you’ll need to re-add the camera to the app before connecting the device to Wi-Fi.

To re-add your Lorex camera to the Lorex Home app, do the following:

  • Launch the Lorex Home App on your phone.
  • Click on the + icon to add the Lorex camera to the app.
  • The app will ask you to scan the QR code at the back of your camera.
  • Once your camera is recognized, click on Next.
  • You’ll be given a series of instructions to help you set up the camera in the app. Follow these guidelines and tap Next when you are done.
  • Now, click on Join to connect your phone to the camera’s hotspot.
  • Decide on a password for your camera and enter it. Click on Next.
  • You’ll see the Wi-Fi network the LSHSC (Lorex Smart Home Security Center) is connected to. Go back to your Wi-Fi settings and connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Return to the app and click on Connect. Then tap Next.
  • Now, change your camera’s name to your desired title.
  • Click on Complete to complete the setup process.

Your Lorex camera should stop disconnecting after factory resetting it and re-adding it to the Lorex Home app.

Final Thoughts

If your Lorex camera keeps disconnecting, charge the camera’s battery. Then remove some users from the camera.

If the issue persists, check if your camera and smartphone are connected to the same network. Re-connect both devices to the same network if they are connected to different networks.

You can also move your router closer to your Lorex camera to resolve the issue.

Another way to stop your camera from disconnecting is to update your Lorex camera firmware and Lorex Home App.

If these tips don’t help, factory reset your Lorex camera and re-add the device to the Lorex Home App. Your Lorex camera should stop disconnecting from Wi-Fi after restoring default settings on the device.