Lorex Camera Not Working After Power Outage [How to Fix]

In this post, I’ll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to try if your Lorex Camera stops working after a power outage. Let’s get right into it.

Lorex Camera

Your Lorex Camera may stop working after a power outage because of the following reasons:

  • Your camera’s power adapter has disconnected from the power outlet.
  • The USB cable connecting your Lorex camera to a recorder and monitor is loose or damaged.
  • Your video recorder has exceeded its power allowance.
  • Your Lorex camera firmware is outdated.
  • You experienced a power surge in your home.

Now, let’s look at how to fix these issues.

How to Fix ‘Lorex Camera Not Working After Power Outage’

Check that your Camera is Properly Connected to Power

If your Lorex camera fails to work after a power outage, its power adapter may have disconnected from the power outlet.

So, if your camera isn’t working, you’ll need to check if the power adapter is still connected to an outlet. If you notice the adapter has loosened from the outlet, plug it back in properly.

Is your camera still not working? Then, the problem may be from the power outlet itself. Try plugging your phone charger into the outlet to see if it works.

If your phone charger works when plugged into the outlet, your camera’s cables may be faulty. As such, you’ll need to change them.

But first, you should confirm that the cables connecting your camera to your recorder and monitor are attached snugly. Re-attach the cables to the devices if the cables seem loose.

If your Lorex camera doesn’t start working after this, check if any parts of the cables are damaged. You’ll need to replace your Lorex camera’s cables if you find any exposed wires on them.

If your camera still stays off after this, continue to the next step.

Get a POE Switch

Your Lorex camera receives its power supply from your NVR (Network Video Recorder. That said, there is a limit to the number of cameras your recorder can manage.

After a power outage, your Lorex camera may reboot. If your NVR (Network Video Recorder) is connected to too many cameras, your camera won’t load successfully.

This happens because the recorder has exceeded its power allowance. The power allowance in the recorder is known as Power over Ethernet (POE), and it refers to the amount of wattage a recorder can supply to cameras.

If you have exceeded the power budget for your recorder, purchase a POE switch. This will increase the amount of wattage the recorder can supply.

If your Lorex camera doesn’t resume working after this, try the next tip.

Update Your Lorex Camera’s Firmware

When your Lorex camera reboots after a power outage, a bug in the camera firmware may prevent you from streaming videos from the device. This usually occurs when your camera’s firmware is outdated, as most old firmware versions contain bugs.

You can fix this issue by updating your camera firmware.

Follow these steps to upgrade your Lorex camera firmware:

  • Open the Lorex Home app.
  • Tap on the 3-dot icon to go to the Settings page.
  • Next, click on Firmware.
  • You’ll see the tabs for Current Version and Latest Version. Does the firmware version under Latest Version differ from the one in the Current Version tab? If so, you need to update your firmware.
  • Tap on the Latest Version tab to upgrade your camera’s firmware.

Replace Your Lorex Camera

Did you experience a power surge in your home before the power went out? Then, your Lorex camera may have stopped working because the surge damaged some of its components.

If your Lorex camera isn’t working after a power surge, ask an electrician to inspect your camera. If the electrician confirms that some parts of the camera are damaged, replace the device.

After buying a new camera, you can attach the device to power surge protectors. This will prevent power surges from damaging the camera in the future.

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Closing Thoughts

If your Lorex camera isn’t working after a power outage, ensure that you are properly connected to power. Then, connect your recorder to a POE switch. You can also update your camera’s firmware to see if that will fix the problem.

If your camera fails to work after you’ve tried all these tips, contact Lorex Customer Support or get a new camera.