Meross Smart Bulb Not Connecting to HomeKit? [Solved]

If your Meross Smart Bulb won’t connect to HomeKit, this post contains some handy tips to help you fix the problem. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, let’s head right into it.

Meross Smart Bulb HomeKit Setup

If you’re unable to get your Meross smart bulb to connect to HomeKit, check that your Meross bulb firmware is up-to-date. More so, updating your iOS device and Meross app could help resolve the issue.

For more details on how to fix this problem, keep reading.

Tips to Troubleshoot a Meross Smart Bulb that Won’t Connect to HomeKit

Reboot Your Phone and Router

So here’s the first thing to do if your Meross smart bulb won’t connect to Homekit; reboot your phone and router.

You can reboot your phone by turning it off and on. Then unplug the router from its power outlet and plug it back in.

Now try connecting your Meross smart bulb to Homekit again. If it doesn’t work, continue to the next step.

Ensure Your Phone and Homekit Device Are Connected to the same Wi-Fi Network

If your phone is not on the same Wi-Fi with your HomeKit device, your Meross Smart Plug might not connect to HomeKit.

So, if you’re unable to get your Meross light bulb to connect to Homekit, check that the phone (where you have the Meross app installed is connected to the Wi-Fi with your Homekit device.

If this checks out and you’re still not able to connect your Meross Bulb to HomeKit, continue to the next step.

Update Your iOS Device

Another fix to try if your Meross bulb isn’t connecting to HomeKit is to ensure your iOS device is running the latest iOS version.

Check whether your iOS device is not running the current version. If so, upgrade it to the latest version. This helps to improve connecting stability.

Update Your Meross app and the Bulb’s Firmware

If your Meross app is not up-to-date, it might be the reason for the connectivity problem. Check your app store to see if your Meross app requires an update—and get it updated.

More so, check and update your Meross smart bulb’s firmware. Follow the steps below to update your Meross smart bulb’s firmware:

  • Open the Meross app on your phone. Next, tap Account on the bottom right-hand corner.
  • Tap Firmware Update. Then wait a few seconds for the app to find your HomeKit device that requires a firmware upgrade.
  • If you’re prompted to allow access to your local network, do allow. The app won’t find your HomeKit device if you don’t allow it to access your local network.
  • Once the Meross app finds your HomeKit devices (that require firmware upgrade), tap Update All.
  • Now wait for the firmware upgrade to complete.

Note that firmware upgrade may take up to two minutes to complete. Do not turn off your device until the upgrade is complete.

Reset the Bulb

If you’ve tried all the fixes above without success, reset the bulb and start the setup afresh. Doing this may help eliminate any unseen errors causing the connectivity issue.

To reset your Meross smart bulb, turn off the switch that controls the bulb. Then turn the switch on and off 5 times. Make sure to leave the switch in the ON position—as the last step.

Now your Meross bulb is reset. Launch the Meross app and set it up again. Then try connecting it to HomeKit. It should work this time.

Closing Thoughts

Sometimes, rebooting your phone and router should help fix this problem. However, if the problem persists, try other fixes such as updating your iOS device, the app and your Meross Smart Bulb’s firmware.

If that doesn’t help, reset the bulb. Then set it up with the Meross app and connect to HomeKit.

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