Pluto TV Not Working On Android [Quick Fix]

After a long workday, you can’t wait to stream your favorite Pluto TV channels on your Android phone. The problem is… your Pluto TV app isn’t working. What do you do?

Pluto TV

If your Pluto TV app is not working on your Android phone, ensure that your phone is compatible with the app. Then, check if your internet connection is stable. Clearing your Pluto TV app cache and updating the app may also get the app to resume working on your phone.

Keep reading to learn how to apply these tips in detail.

First off, why is the Pluto TV App Not Working? Your Pluto TV app may not be working because of the following reasons:

  • Your Android phone is incompatible with the app.
  • Your VPN is turned on.
  • Your phone is malfunctioning.
  • Your internet connection is unstable.
  • The app cache is corrupt.
  • Your app is outdated.
  • The Pluto TV server is down.

Now, let’s discuss how you can fix these issues.

How to Fix ‘Pluto TV App Not Working on Android’

Confirm that Your Android Phone is Compatible with Pluto TV

Not all Android phones are compatible with the Pluto TV app.

If the Pluto TV app isn’t working on your phone, you should check if the phone is compatible with the app before trying other tips.

Follow these steps to check if your phone is compatible with the Pluto TV app:

  • Go to the Google Play Store.
  • Search for the Pluto TV app.
  • Then, click on the app to go to the download page.
  • If your phone is incompatible with the app, Google will inform you on the download page.

If you’ve confirmed that your phone supports the Pluto TV app, yet the app isn’t working, continue to the next step.

Reboot Your Phone

Sometimes, your Pluto TV app may fail to work on your phone even when there is nothing wrong with the app. Instead, your phone might be the source of the problem.

Android smartphones tend to malfunction occasionally, especially when several apps are running simultaneously on the device.

A quick way to fix this issue is to reboot your phone. You can reboot your phone by turning it off and turning it back on.

If the app doesn’t work after the reboot, try the next tip.

Disable Your VPN

The Pluto TV app does not support VPNs. So, if you’ve enabled the VPN on your Android phone, the app might not work.

Turn off your VPN and restart your Pluto TV app. Then, try watching a video on the app. If the app is still malfunctioning, continue to the next tip.

Improve Your Internet Connection

Are you having trouble loading videos on your Pluto TV app? Then, your internet connection might be poor.

You need a stable internet connection of about 5mbps to stream videos easily on the Pluto TV app. Using the Pluto TV app with a poor internet connection will prevent the app from loading.

As such, you’ll have to fix your connectivity issues to make your Pluto TV app work on your phone.

First, move your phone closer to your router. Then, reboot your router. You can also try removing other devices from your Wi-Fi network to see if it might fix the issue. Another possible solution is to connect your phone directly to a router with an ethernet cord.

Once your internet connection is stable, relaunch your app and try using it again.

If the app doesn’t work, move on to the next step.

Check if the Pluto TV Server is Down

Pluto TV takes its server down periodically to upgrade its service. When this happens, the Pluto TV app won’t work on any device.

If you’ve tried to fix your Pluto TV app with all the solutions above without any success, the Pluto TV server might be down.

Check the Facebook and Twitter handles for Pluto TV to determine if their server is active. You can also find this information on their website.

Here are the official social media accounts for Pluto TV:

  • Facebook: Pluto TV
  • Twitter: @PlutoTVUK

Clear Your App Cache

When last did you clear your Pluto TV app cache? Did I hear you say ‘Never’?

Leaving your Pluto TV app cache to pile up over several months causes several issues for the app. When the cache is too full, the app will take several minutes to load a page. This might make you assume that your app is not working.

An overloaded app cache also weakens your app’s security. As a result, bugs attack the app, thus causing it to malfunction.

The solution to this problem is simple: You just have to clear the cache in the app.

Here’s how to clear the Pluto TV app cache on your Android phone:

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Tap on Apps.
  • Search for your Pluto TV app on the list.
  • When you find the app, click on it.
  • Next, tap Storage.

Check if your Pluto TV app is working now. If not, check out the next tip.

Update Your Pluto TV App

Your Pluto TV app might fail to work on your Android phone because the app is outdated.

As your app gets older, the functions in the system begin to fail. Common issues like saturated memory, excess background activities, and glitches worsen the performance of the app’s features, until they eventually stop working.

To combat this problem, Pluto developers update their app consistently. These updates contain bug fixes and performance upgrades that maintain the app’s health.

If you don’t download the app updates for your Pluto TV, your app will keep malfunctioning.

Update your Pluto TV app to resolve this problem.

Use the following guide to update your Pluto TV app:

  • Open the Google Play Store.
  • Enter “Pluto TV” into the search bar.
  • Then, click on the app in the search results.
  • Next, tap Update to upgrade the app to its latest version.

When you open the Pluto TV app, the app should be working properly. However, if the app is still malfunctioning, try the next tip.

Uninstall and Re-install the App

Did you download your Pluto TV outside the Google Play Store? If so, your Pluto TV app might be insecure.

Most Android app stores contain loads of fake app versions. If you download an app from those stores, the app won’t just fail to work, it might also damage some settings on your phone.

If you’ve downloaded your Pluto TV app from a third-party Android store, uninstall it immediately. Then, clear your app cache and download the app from Google Play Store.

Your Pluto TV app should be working now.

Access Pluto TV from the Website

If none of the tips above fixes your Pluto TV app, you might need to give up on the app.

Visit the Pluto TV website and stream the channels from there.

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Wrapping Up

If you apply all the tips in this article carefully, your Pluto TV app should resume working. However, if the app doesn’t work, contact the Pluto TV Support team for further assistance.