QLink Data Not Working: How to Troubleshoot

I have always enjoyed excellent internet access on the QLink network. That’s why I was so surprised when I couldn’t browse or stream videos on my phone. I tried every troubleshooting tip I knew, but none of them fixed the issue.

QLink Data Issues

This left me with no choice but to contact QLink Support and report the problem I was facing. After I shared the issue with the customer support rep on duty, she sent me a troubleshooting guide. I applied all the instructions in the guide and was soon able to visit my favorite websites again.

In this article, I have carefully explained the steps you should take to fix Qlink data problems.

A quick way to troubleshoot data issues on the QLink Network is to reboot your phone.

If this doesn’t help, keep reading for more troubleshooting tips.

Tips to Troubleshoot QLink Data Issues

Toggle Airplane Mode on Your Phone

Your QLink data may stop working because of a problem with your phone’s data connectivity. A quick way to fix this problem is to toggle Airplane Mode on your phone.

Follow these steps to toggle Airplane mode:

  • Tap on the top of your phone’s screen.
  • Then drag down the screen to reveal the notification panel.
  • You’ll see the Airplane icon here.
  • Click on the Airplane icon to turn on Airplane mode.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Tap on the Airplane icon to turn off Airplane mode.

Now, open your browser and input a website address into the search bar. If the website page loads, your QLink data has been restored.

But if you can’t access the website, try the next tip.

Reboot Your Phone

Occasionally, your phone may encounter a functional error. This error can cause your phone to lose your QLink data connection.

To resolve this problem, you’ll need to reboot your phone by turning off and back on.

If your QLink Wireless data doesn’t work after the reboot, proceed to the next tip.

Remove and Reinsert Your SIM Card

Another reason your QLink Wireless data might not work is that your SIM card shifted out of place.

If your SIM card is not correctly positioned, your phone won’t be able to communicate with the QLink Wireless network. This might be why you can’t access data from the network.

Removing and reinserting your SIM card into your phone may fix this problem. To do this, take out your SIM card from your phone. Then, clean the SIM with a clean rag to remove the dirt on it. Sometimes, dirt may hinder your SIM card from connecting to the QLink network.

Before reinserting your SIM card into your phone, study it for damages. If you find any cracks on the SIM card, you might need to change it.

Once you’re certain the SIM card is in good condition, re-insert it into your phone. Make sure to place the SIM in the right position when reinserting it.

The proper way to place your SIM on an Android phone is to insert it face up. If you use an iPhone, you’ll need to place it face down.

After reinserting your Qlink SIM into your phone, try surfing the internet with your phone. If you can’t visit any website, proceed to the next step.

Check if You Have an Active Mobile Data Plan

If you can’t browse the internet with your QLink SIM card, your data plan may have expired.

To rule out this possibility, you’ll need to check if you still have an active QLink data plan. You can find this information by logging into your QLink Wireless account.

To log into your account, connect to Wi-Fi and enter the URL: www.qlinkwireless.com/members into your browser. Then, enter your username and password.

If you discover that your mobile data plan has expired, activate a new plan. However, if your mobile data plan is still active, yet you can’t surf the internet with your QLink SIM, try the next tip.

Verify that You Haven’t Reached Your Data Limit

Although your QLink Wireless data plan might still be active, you won’t be able to browse any website if you’ve reached your data limit.

If your QLink Wireless data isn’t working, check if you’ve used up your data.

Follow these steps to check if you still have mobile data on your SIM card:

  • Tap on the Settings app on your phone.
  • Select Network and Internet.
  • Then click on Data Usage.
  • Tap on Mobile. You’ll see the amount of mobile data you’ve used.

Compare the data you’ve consumed with your bandwidth limit to determine if you still have any data left.

If you’ve already reached your data limit, you’ll need to activate a new data plan on the QLink network. However, if you still have some data left, but you can’t use it, continue to the next tip.

Reset Your APN Settings

Did you use a battery saver app recently? Then, the app might have disabled your APN (Access Point Name) settings. Your phone can’t access the QLink network without your APN settings.

To resolve this issue, you’ll need to reset your APN settings. This will force your phone to re-read the APN settings, thus reconnecting the device to the QLink network.

Here’s how to reset your APN settings:

Android Phone

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Click on Connections or Wireless & Networks.
  • Then select Mobile Networks.
  • Choose Access Point Names.
  • Click on the Menu option (the 3-dot icon).
  • Then tap on Reset to Default.


  • Click on your Settings app to open it.
  • Select Cellular. Then choose Cellular Data Network.
  • Scroll down to the Reset Settings option and click on it.
  • Tap on Reset.
  • Your APN settings have been reset to default.

After resetting your APN settings, try connecting to the internet. If you can’t access the internet, proceed to the next tip.

Create a New APN

If resetting your APN settings doesn’t fix your QLink data connection issue, creating a new APN might solve the problem.

Since the new APN will be devoid of errors, it may improve your chances of connecting to the internet through your cellular network.

The guide below will show you how to set up an APN for your phone:

Creating a New APN on Android Phone

  • Click on your Settings app.
  • Choose Mobile Network. Then tap on Access Point Names (APN).
  • Select Qlink SIM.
  • Tap on Add to create a new APN.
  • Now, you’ll need to fill in a list of parameters to set up the APN.
  • Type QLink under the Name and APN parameters.
  • You don’t need to enter anything under Username, Password, and Server. Skip these sections and move to MMSC.
  • Input this URL under MMSC: https://www.wholesale.mmsmvnp.com/wapenc
  • Leave MMS proxy blank.
  • Enter N/A under MMS port.
  • Type in 310 as your MCC, and 240 as your MNC.
  • Skip Authentication type.
  • Input default, supl, and mms as your APN type.
  • Set your APN roaming protocol as IPv4/IPv6.
  • Turn on the switch beside APN enable/disable to enable your APN.
  • List the Bearer as Unspecified.
  • Now, skip MVNO type and MVNO value and save the APN.
  • Reboot your phone to help it register the new APN settings.

Creating a New APN for iPhone

  • Turn off your data connection.
  • Open your Settings app.
  • Tap on Cellular or Mobile Network. Then select Mobile Data or Cellular Data Network.
  • Next, click on Mobile Data Options.
  • You’ll see a list of parameters here.
  • Input QLink as your APN name.
  • Set your MMS Max Message Size as 1048576.
  • Leave the Username and Password sections blank.
  • Then enter N/A under MMSC and MMS Proxy.
  • Type in the following URL in front of MMS UA Prof: https://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf
  • Save the new iOS APN settings and reboot your phone.

If you still can’t browse the internet after creating the new APN, move on to the next step.

Check if Your Network is Under Maintenance

Sometimes, QLink goes on downtime to maintain the network. During such downtimes, you won’t be able to use the network to connect to the internet.

If you can’t access the internet, contact QLink Support and ask if the network is under maintenance. If the support team confirms the network maintenance, you’ll need to wait until the process is over.

But if there isn’t an ongoing network maintenance procedure, continue to the next step.

Factory Reset Your Mobile Phone

Your mobile phone might be the reason your QLink Data isn’t working. If the phone is old, it may have developed serious issues that are affecting its connectivity.

A factory reset may wipe out all these issues, thus giving your phone a clean slate. That said, you might need to back up your phone before resetting the device, especially if you have important files on your phone.

After factory resetting your phone, you’ll need to reconfigure the QLink APN setting before reconnecting to the internet.

Wrapping Up

Make sure you’ve toggle Airplane mode on your device before trying other tips in this article. Also, only factory reset your phone if all other suggestions have failed.

If your QLink data fails to work after the factory reset, contact QLink Support.

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