How to Troubleshoot Cricket Wireless Activation Problems

So I recently got a new device and a Cricket Wireless SIM Card. I went ahead to activate the SIM card, but I couldn’t complete the process. Although I retried the activation process several times, it still wasn’t successful.

I began searching for solutions to this activation problem and finally fixed it.

Cricket Wireless Activation Troubleshooting

In this article, I have carefully explained the steps to follow to fix Cricket Wireless Activation issues. Let’s get started.

The most common way to troubleshoot activation issues in the Cricket Wireless SIM is to reboot your phone. Then unlock your phone from your previous carrier.

For a step-by-step guide on how to troubleshoot this issue, keep reading.

Tips to Fix Cricket Wireless Activation Problems

1. Reboot Your Phone

If you’re unable to activate your Cricket Wireless SIM, your phone might just be acting up. Rebooting your phone should eliminate this issue.

To reboot your iPhone, press and hold the Volume Up button and the power button until you see the Power Off slider. Drag the slider down to turn it off. Then, press and hold the power button again to turn your phone back on.

If you are using an Android phone, you can reboot it by pressing and holding the Power button at the side of your phone until the Restart and Power Off icons appear. Then slide down the Restart icon to complete the reboot.

If you are still facing issues with your SIM after this, move on to the next step.

2. Unlock Your Phone from Your Previous Carrier

Your smartphone can’t work with two carriers. If your phone was previously locked to another carrier, you must unlock the phone from the former service provider before activating your Cricket Wireless SIM. Otherwise, the activation process will fail.

Your previous carrier’s customer service team will help you unlock your phone from the network.

3. Check for Network Coverage in Your Location

The Cricket Wireless network doesn’t provide coverage in some locations in the US. If you live in one of these areas, the activation process for your SIM might fail.

To confirm if you have Cricket Wireless coverage in your location, check the network’s coverage map. You can do this by entering your location in the search bar on the coverage map.

If your area doesn’t appear on the map, move to a location with coverage and try activating the SIM again. However, if the network covers your area, yet you still can’t activate the SIM, move on to the next step.

4. Ensure that You’ve Successfully Transferred Your Line

If you’ve chosen to keep your current number, you must first transfer your line from your previous carrier to the Cricket Wireless network. If you don’t do this, you won’t be able to activate your SIM. Contact your previous carrier’s support team to transfer your line.

Before you start the transfer, you’ll need to enter some details, such as your current phone number and previous carrier, on the Cricket Wireless website. Double-check this information to ensure that it is correct. If you enter the wrong information, the transfer process might fail.

Wait until the transfer is complete before canceling your previous carrier’s service to avoid errors in the process. In most cases, your former service provider will automatically terminate your phone plan when the transfer is complete.

5. Use the Correct Activation Process

You might have used the wrong activation process when creating your account on the Cricket Wireless website.

There are two different methods for activating the Cricket Wireless SIM. Each of these methods is unique to the way you bought the SIM. If you purchased your SIM online, you’d need to follow a different activation process than if you purchased the SIM from an independent retailer.

Here’s how to activate your SIM when you purchase it online:

  • Look for your phone number and order number in the confirmation email.
  • Keep both numbers close at hand.
  • Insert your SIM card into your phone.
  • Next, click on the activation link in the confirmation email.
  • Enter your 4-digit PIN and all the other information requested on the page.

If you purchased your Cricket Phone and SIM card from a retail store such as Target, Walmart, or Amazon, proceed with the steps below to activate the line:

  • Connect your phone to Wi-Fi. Then enter into your browser to visit the setup page on the Cricket Wireless website.
  • Click on Continue and select your Language.
  • Next, click on Yes, sign me up.
  • The system will now ask you to input your 1CCID and IMEI codes.
  • Look for your ICCID code on the SIM card pack. The ICCID code is the 22-digit number on your SIM card.
  • Next, you need to find your IMEI number on your phone.
  • If you are using an Android phone, go to Settings. Then select About Phone.
  • Next, click on Check IMEI.
  • If you are on an iPhone, open the Settings app. and tap General.
  • Click on About and select Check IMEI.
  • Write your ICCID and IMEI codes on paper.
  • Now, enter both numbers into the website and tap on the Continue button.
  • Choose a plan and any additional services, then click Continue.
  • Choose one of the options between Purchase a Cricket Phone and Transfer Your Phone Number.
  • Click on Check Out. The system will now ask you to enter your contact information. Once you’ve finished filling in the details, click on Register for an Online Account.
  • Choose a PIN and select a security question.
  • Enter your billing address, payment method, and credit/debit card information.
  • After reviewing your information, click Place Order.
  • To finish the process, click Activate.
  • Insert your SIM card and then check before selecting Activate.
  • Your SIM card activation issue should be resolved after this.

6. Examine Your SIM Card

If your Cricket Wireless SIM activation fails, the SIM card might be faulty.

To rule out this problem, remove the SIM card from the SIM tray, turn it over, and inspect it for cracks. Also, inspect your SIM tray for any damage.

 If you notice any holes in the SIM, the SIM might be faulty. So, you might need to get a new one.

However, if you don’t see any cracks on the SIM, the SIM might be in good condition. In that case, re-insert the SIM into your phone and continue to the next tip.

If your SIM doesn’t work after you’ve completed the activation process, your phone might not be compatible with the Cricket Wireless network.

Examine the Cricket Wireless’ list of compatible devices to see if your phone meets the compatibility requirements. If your phone doesn’t support the network, get a SIM from another network. You can also use another phone to operate the SIM.

But if you are certain that your phone is compatible with the network, proceed to the next step in this article.

7. Clear Phone Cache

As you use your phone, the memory gets clogged with junk files. When this happens, your phone may load more slowly and even develop bugs. This may affect the device’s response to signals from the Cricket Wireless network.

A quick way to resolve this problem is to clear the cache on your phone. Please note that all the information you’ve saved on your phone will still be on the device after you’ve cleared the cache.

Take these steps below to clear the cache on your Android phone and iPhone:

Android Phones

  • Open your Settings app.
  • Click on Storage. Then tap on Internal Shared Storage.
  • Select Apps and click on the first app you see.
  • Now, tap on the Clear Cache button.
  • Repeat this process for all the apps on the list.


  • First, you need to clear the cache on your Safari Browser.
  • To do this, go to your phone’s settings.
  • Scroll down to Safari Browser. Then tap on Clear History and Website Data.
  • The system will ask you to confirm the action.
  • Click on Clear History and Data again. This will clear the cache on the Safari Browser.
  • The next thing to do is to clear the cache on other apps on your iPhone.
  • Go back to the Settings page and click on General. Then tap on iPhone Storage.
  • You’ll see all the apps on your phone.
  • Look for the apps that consume the most app data on your phone. You can find this information by clicking on the app and studying the size of the Documents and Data option.
  • If you see any app with over 100MB of app data, click on Delete App. This will remove the app and all its data from the phone.

After doing this with all the apps that consume the most memory, re-download the apps to your phone.

Now, try activating the SIM again. If the activation fails, continue to the next step.

8. Update Your Smartphone Firmware

Using an outdated firmware version on your phone can reduce the efficiency of the device. Due to this issue, your phone may not process the SIM activation.

You’ll need to update your phone’s firmware to fix this issue. Please note that the steps to take when updating firmware on iPhones and Android phones are different.

Follow these steps to download the latest version of your smartphone’s firmware:

Android Phone

  • Connect your device to your Wi-Fi network.
  • Navigate to Settings on your phone and click on About Phone. Then click on Check for Updates.
  • If a firmware update is available, you’ll see the new version in this section.
  • Click on Install on this page to download the update.
  • Allow a few minutes for the firmware to finish downloading to your mobile device.


  • Turn on your Wi-Fi and connect your phone to it.
  • Click on your Settings app. Then select General.
  • Tap on Software Update.
  • You should see two updates here. You can only choose one.
  • Click on Download and Install under the update you’ve selected.
  • Then tap Install Now under the software version you’ve chosen.

The activation should work now.

Wrapping Up

If you are still facing issues with your SIM after trying all these tips, contact the Cricket Wireless customer service center. The customer service representative will assist you in resolving the SIM card issue.

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