Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside? (How to Troubleshoot)

So your Ring Doorbell isn’t ringing inside when someone rings it? If so, keep reading to see how to go about this issue.

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside

First off, you want to know why this is happening. Here are some common reasons your Ring doorbell isn’t ringing inside your house:

  • Your doorbell isn’t connected to a chime.
  • Your Ring doorbell’s internal chime kit isn’t activated in the Ring app.
  • Your Wi-Fi network is malfunctioning.
  • The battery in your Ring doorbell is low (for battery-powered Ring doorbell).
  • Wiring issues (for hard-wired Ring doorbell)
  • Your Ring doorbell internal chime is faulty.

That said, let’s now dive into the troubleshooting tips.

Ring Doorbell Not Ringing Inside: Try These Troubleshooting Steps

1. Get a Ring Chime

Your Ring Doorbell needs to be connected to a chime to ring inside your home. That said, not all Ring Doorbells work well with an existing chime kit. Some Ring Doorbell versions, such as the Ring Video Doorbell 3 and the Ring Video Doorbell Wired, won’t ring your internal chime.

If you want your Ring Video Doorbell 3 or Video Doorbell Wired to ring inside your house, you need to purchase a Ring Chime and get it connected to your doorbell.

2. Connect Your Ring Doorbell to the Ring App

If you set up your Ring Doorbell yourself, you probably know that your existing chime kit was installed inside it. But only linking your Ring Doorbell to your internal chime kit won’t make it ring inside your home. You still need to activate the chime kit in the Ring app.

To activate your chime kit in your Ring app, connect your Ring Doorbell to the app. While linking your Ring Doorbell to the app, you’ll be asked to state the chime kit you have. After you’ve selected your internal chime type, the system will configure your doorbell for the chime.

The steps involved in connecting a Ring Doorbell to the Ring app differ from one device to another. Below, we’ll only show you how to link the Ring Video Doorbell Pro to the Ring app.

Follow these steps to connect your Ring Doorbell to the Ring app:

  • Open your Ring app.
  • Tap Set Up a Device on the home screen. Next, select Doorbells.
  • The system will ask you to scan a QR Code/ MAC ID Barcode. Turn the camera on your phone to the QR Code on the Ring Video Doorbell Pro. While scanning the code, ensure it is centered at the top of your phone’s screen.
  • When the system recognizes the code, a green square will be displayed if the scanned code is a QR Code. However, if the scan code is a Mac ID Barcode, you should see a green line instead.
  • If you’ve never set up a device on the Ring App, the system will request you to enter your location. Switch on Location on your phone and enter your home address. 
  • Choose a name for your Ring Video Doorbell Pro and enter it.
  • The app will now provide you with a list of steps for physically installing your Ring Video Doorbell Pro. Tap “I’ve Already Installed it” if you’ve already completed the physical setup for the doorbell.
  • Next, you’ll be asked if you have an internal doorbell in your home. Choose Mechanical if the doorbell is mechanical, and Digital if it is digital. If you don’t have an internal doorbell, click on None.
  • The sound your internal doorbell makes can help you know the type of doorbell it is. If the doorbell only makes a single ding-dong sound, it is most likely a mechanical chime. Digital doorbells usually provide a list of sounds you can choose from.
  • Your Ring Video Doorbell Pro should activate Setup Mode automatically. If the device does not activate Setup Mode, press the button on the side of the Ring doorbell.
  • Now, wait for white light to appear on your doorbell. Then click on Continue.
  • The next step is to connect your phone to the temporary Ring Wi-Fi network. If you are using an Android phone, your device will automatically connect to the Ring Wi-Fi network. However, iPhone users may have to press the Join button to connect their phone to the Ring Wi-Fi.
  • The system will display your home Wi-Fi network. If over one network appears, choose the one with the strongest signal.
  • Input your Wi-Fi password and tap Continue.

You have set up your Ring Video Doorbell Pro in the Ring App. Press the button at the front of the doorbell to test its performance.

Your Ring Doorbell should start ringing inside your home after you’ve integrated the device into the app.

3. Reconnect Your Ring Doorbell to Your Home Wi-Fi Network

Your Ring Doorbell needs a Wi-Fi connection to ring inside your home. So, if the doorbell isn’t ringing inside, it may have disconnected from your Wi-Fi network.

You’ll need to reconnect your Ring doorbell to Wi-Fi to fix this issue.

Take the following steps to reconnect your Ring Doorbell to your Wi-Fi network:

  • Tap your Ring app on your phone’s home screen to open it.
  • Next, click on the Menu icon (3 lines) at the top of the screen.
  • Select Devices and tap your Ring Doorbell.
  • Next, tap Device Health.
  • Click on Reconnect to Wi-Fi and enter your Wi-Fi network password. 

After reconnecting your Ring doorbell to your Wi-Fi network, you can move your router closer to the doorbell to improve the Wi-Fi connection.

4. Check and Fix Wiring Issues

If you have a Ring wired doorbell, and it has never rung inside, you may have inserted the wires in the device incorrectly. Refer to your Ring doorbell manual to learn how to insert your doorbell wires correctly.

If you’re not sure how to do that, contact Ring Customer Support for help.

5. Recharge Your Ring Doorbell Battery

Do you use a battery-powered Ring Doorbell? If so, your doorbell may not be ringing inside because the cold weather has depleted its charge.

The Ring doorbell’s battery (lithium-ion) has low resistance to cold temperatures. So, when it gets cold, the battery in your doorbell may become low. As a result, your Ring Doorbell may not function properly.

If your Ring Doorbell isn’t ringing inside, check whether the weather outside your home is less than 3°C. If so, your Ring Doorbell battery might be dead.

To resolve this issue, charge your doorbell’s battery.

Here’s how to charge your Ring Video Doorbell:

  • Take off the screws attached to the bottom of the faceplate.
  • Squeeze the ridges on each side of the faceplate to remove the faceplate.
  • Now, press the silver tab on the device to extract the battery.
  • Insert one end of a micro-USB cable into the charging port on the battery. Next, fix the other end to a computer or charger.
  • Your battery will display a green light when it is full.

6. Replace Your Ring Doorbell Transformer

If you use a Ring wired doorbell, it may not ring from inside because it doesn’t have enough power.

Usually, the doorbell transformer prevents this problem by supplying adequate power to the doorbell. But if the doorbell transformer is worn out, it may not function effectively.

More so, your doorbell transformer may not provide sufficient power even if it is working properly. This often occurs when the power supplied by the transformer is less than the power required by the doorbell.

The Ring doorbell needs about 16 -20 volts to function effectively. If the transformer supplies less than 20 volts to the doorbell, it may not ring inside.

If your Ring doorbell isn’t ringing inside, ask a professional electrician to check whether the doorbell transformer is working properly. If the transformer isn’t working properly, the electrician can help you change it. Your electrician can also upgrade your transformer if needed.

7. Activate the Microphone Feature on Your Ring App

If the Microphone feature on your Ring app is not enabled, your Ring Doorbell may not ring inside. If you want to hear the Ring Doorbell ringing inside your home, you’ll need to activate the Microphone feature in your Ring app.

iPhones and Android phones require different steps for activating the Microphone feature on the Ring app.

Take the following steps to activate the Microphone feature on the Ring app from an iPhone:

  • Tap the Settings app on your iPhone. Then click on Privacy and select Microphone.
  • Now, scroll to the Ring app under Microphone and toggle the switch beside it to turn on the microphone feature.

Android phone users can activate the Microphone feature for the Ring app by following the steps below:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone.
  • Select Notifications.
  • Tap App Settings and click on All Apps.
  • Select the Ring app.
  • Now go to the Microphone option and toggle the button beside it to turn it on.

8. Reboot Your Ring Chime

If your Ring Doorbell is still not ringing inside, you may need to reboot your Ring Chime.

Follow these steps to reboot your Ring Chime:

  • Unplug your Ring Chime from the wall outlet.
  • Next, wait for about 30 seconds and plug it back in.
  • Now press and hold the reset button on the Ring Chime for about 10 seconds to finish rebooting the device.

Your Ring Doorbell should start ringing inside after you reboot your Ring Chime.

9. Replace Your Ring Chime

If your Ring Doorbell used to ring inside your home before now, but it has suddenly stopped, your Ring Chime may be faulty. So, you’ll need to replace the chime to resolve the problem.

But before you change your Ring Chime, you should check whether it is working properly.

The guide below will show you how to determine the performance of your Ring Chime:

  • Tap the Ring app on your phone to open it.
  • Click on your Ring Chime on the home screen of your Ring app.
  • Next, choose Device Health.
  • You’ll see whether your Ring Chime is still functioning properly here.

If your Ring Chime is faulty, change the device. But if it is still in good condition, contact Ring Support and report the issue you are facing. The Ring Support team should provide a lasting solution for your problem.