What Does Drive Detection Paused Mean on Life360? [Explained]

Did you see the ‘Drive Detection Paused’ notification on your Life360 app, and you’re wondering what it means? You’ll get the answer in this article.

Drive detection paused Life360

Drive Detection Paused means that Drive Detection is disabled on your Circle member’s Life360 app. Life360 may pause Drive Detection due to low battery, weak cell signal, or active battery saver. It could also be that a member of your Circle hasn’t activated Drive Detection yet.

Keep reading to learn more about what Drive Detection Paused means on Life360.

Why is Life360 Saying Drive Detection Paused?

Sometimes, your Life360 app may display the Drive Detection Paused message when you’re trying to check a Circle member’s driving report. If you get this message, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  • Your Circle member has not enabled Drive Detection
  • Your battery is low
  • Your battery saver is active
  • Your phone has a weak cell signal
  • The Circle member has restricted you from viewing their Drive Detection Alerts

How to Resume Drive Detection on Life360

Enable Drive Detection on Your Circle Member’s Phone

One common reason why the Drive Detection Paused appears in your app is because your friend hasn’t enabled Drive Detection yet.

Ask your friend if they’ve enabled Drive Detection on their Life360 app. If they haven’t, offer to activate the feature for them. You can also tell the friend to turn on Drive Detection.

Follow these steps to turn on Drive Detection on your Circle member’s Life360 app:

  • Go to the Home screen of your app.
  • Tap the Settings icon at the top left-hand side of your screen.
  • Next, click on Drive Detection.
  • Then, tap the button beside Drive Detection to turn it on.

If you and your Circle members use the new Life360 Driver Protect plan, the required steps for enabling Drive Detection are different.

Here’s how to activate Drive Detection on Life360 Driver Protect:

  • Open your Life360 app and click on Settings.
  • Select Driving Analysis.
  • A button will appear on your screen.
  • Drag this button to the right until it turns green.

Now that you’ve turned on Drive Detection on your Circle member’s account, the Drive Detection Paused message should disappear from your app.

If the notification remains after this, move on to the next step.

Charge Your Phone

Your phone’s battery power must be over 10% for Drive Detection to work on your Life360 app. Once your battery falls below 10%, Life360 will automatically deactivate Drive Detection. If you try to access a family member’s driving report with this low battery, you’ll get the message ‘Drive Detection Paused’.

The only solution to this problem is to charge your phone. Make sure your battery charges up to 50% before trying to use Drive Detection again.

Turn Off Your Battery Saver

If your battery is full, but you’ve activated your battery saver, it can trigger the Drive Detection Paused message on your Life360 app. This is because Drive Detection is not compatible with battery savers.

Close your Life360 app and turn off your battery saver. Then, relaunch Life360 and try checking a member’s Driving report. Your app should display the report immediately.

However, if you still see Drive Detection Paused on the screen, continue to the next step.

Find a Stronger Cell Signal

Life360 requires a stable cellular network to track and report driving behavior continuously. So, if the cellular signal in your location is bad, it might pause Drive Detection.

You’ll need to find a stronger cell signal to unpause Drive Detection on your Life360 app.

Check the top right corner of your screen to access the strength of your cellular signal. If there are only one or two signal bars on the screen, your cellular signal is weak. Walk across your surroundings to find a strong cellular signal.

If you don’t find one, use your Wi-Fi network to access the internet.

Life360 should display your Circle members’ current driving reports now.

Ask Your Family Member to Turn On Drive Detection Alerts

Sometimes, your family members may feel like hiding their location from everyone to keep their privacy. For people who want this option, Life360 offers an opportunity to turn off Drive Detection Alerts for each of the Circle members.

If your Circle member turns off Drive Detection Alerts to your account, you’ll lose access to their driving reports. In addition, Life360 won’t notify you when the member engages in bad driving behaviors.

To determine if your family member has disabled notifications to your account, wait until you get into their car. Then, check if Life360 alerts you when they exhibit bad driving habits like over-speeding.

If you don’t get any alerts, convince them to reactivate Drive Detection Alerts on your Life360 account. You should stop seeing Drive Detection Paused on your Life360 app after this.

Wrapping Up

Now that you’ve reactivated Drive Detection on your Life360 app, you can view your Circle member’s driving report anytime you want.

Make sure to keep your phone charged, and cell signal optimal to prevent the app from disabling Drive Detection again.