How Often Should You Charge a Wyze Camera?

While charging your Wyze Camera is vital for continuous usage, you may damage the camera if you charge it too often. This is why it is important to know how much interval you need to put between each Wyze camera charge.

How Often Should You Charge a Wyze Camera

In this article, you’ll learn everything you should know about charging a Wyze camera.

You should charge your Wyze camera as often as you use it. If you can’t determine the right time to charge your Wyze camera, wait until the camera’s battery is low.

Your Wyze app will send a push notification to your phone when your camera’s battery level falls below 20%. The Low Battery alert looks like this: Low battery. Unable to live stream.

We recommend you charge your Wyze camera as soon as you see the notification.

How to Charge a Wyze Camera

The following guide will show you how to charge a Wyze camera:

  • Unmount your Wyze camera from its stand.
  • Next, plug one end of the USB cable in the Wyze camera package into the camera’s charging port.
  • Insert the other end of the cable into the USB port at the back of the Base Station. Please ensure that the Base Station is still plugged into a power outlet while you do this.
  • Once your Wyze camera starts charging, the Wyze app will show the device as charging in the Wyze app.
  • A red light also starts blinking from your Wyze camera while it is charging. This red light will become solid once the camera’s battery is full.
  • Disconnect the Wyze camera from the Base Station once the camera’s battery gets full.

Tips to Prolong Your Wyze Camera’s Battery Life

  • The Live Stream, Time Lapse and Scheduled Recording features in the Wyze camera consume a lot of battery life. Use these features only when needed.
  • Install your Wyze camera in an area with low traffic. If there are too many people moving around the camera, it may detect events excessively, thus reducing the camera’s battery life.
  • Don’t charge your Wyze camera with any device apart from the Base Station.

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Wyze Camera?

If your Wyze camera’s battery is completely dead, charging the camera can take about 4 hours. That said, you may spend less time charging the camera if you turn off the device.

Why is My Wyze Camera Not Charging?

If your Wyze camera is not charging, you may have unplugged your Base Station from its power outlet. Your Wyze camera may also fail to charge if its USB cable is faulty. An obstruction in your Wyze camera’s charging port may also prevent the camera from charging.

How Do I Know if My Wyze Camera is Charging?

A red light will flash continuously from your Wyze camera once the device starts charging. The Wyze app will also display your camera’s status as Charging.

How Do I Know When My Wyze Camera is Fully Charged?

When you start charging your Wyze camera, a red light appears and starts blinking. This red light will stop flashing and become solid when your camera’s battery is full.

Wrapping Up

The information in this article should help you charge and maintain your Wyze camera battery successfully. If Wyze releases new information related to charging the Wyze camera, we will edit this article to reflect the changes.

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