Why is My Eufy Doorbell Not Detecting Motion?

After you install your Eufy doorbell and connect it to the Eufy Security App, you should receive motion detection alerts to your phone regularly. If you don’t get such notifications, there might be issues with the device. Read on to learn how to resolve these issues.

Why is my Eufy Doorbell Not Detecting Motion

First off, you want to know why your Eufy doorbell camera isn’t detecting motion. Below are some reasons your Eufy doorbell camera may fail to detect motion:

  • There is no power in your Eufy doorbell battery.
  • Your motion detection setting is turned off.
  • Your Eufy doorbell camera’s motion sensitivity is low.
  • The area where motion occurs in your home is outside the viewing area of your Eufy doorbell camera.
  • Your Eufy doorbell camera is not connected to the internet.
  • The Push Notification and Video Record settings are disabled.

Now, let’s look at how to resolve these problems.

How to Troubleshoot Motion Detection Issues in Eufy Doorbell Camera

1. Charge the Battery

Your Eufy doorbell camera won’t be able to detect motion if its battery is low or dead. So, if you don’t get any motion detection alerts on your phone after installing your doorbell camera, you might need to charge your battery.

Take the steps below to charge your Eufy doorbell battery:

  • Remove your doorbell from its mounting bracket.
  • Then, insert the doorbell’s USB cable into an outlet at the back of the device.
  • Finally, plug the other part of the cable into a wall outlet to start charging the battery.

2. Enable Your Motion Detection Settings

Although the Eufy doorbell camera supports motion detection, the camera won’t detect any motion if you don’t enable its motion detection settings.

If you want your doorbell camera to notify you when it detects someone moving around your house, you need to turn on its motion detection.

Here’s how to enable your Eufy doorbell camera motion detection:

  • Open your Eufy mobile app.
  • Click on the navigation bar on the right side of the screen.
  • Select My Devices.
  • Next, tap on Select Camera.
  • Click on Camera Settings.
  • Now, choose Motion Detection.
  • If your doorbell motion detection is turned off, toggle the switch beside it to ON.

3. Increase Motion Sensitivity

What if your Eufy doorbell camera still doesn’t detect motion after you’ve enabled motion detection on the device? Then, you need to check its motion sensitivity.

Although your doorbell camera motion detection is turned on, the device may still fail to detect motion if its motion sensitivity is low. Once you increase the motion sensitivity, it should start detecting motion.

Take the following steps to increase motion sensitivity in your Eufy doorbell camera:

  • Click on the Menu icon on the Homepage of your Eufy security app.
  • Tap on My Devices.
  • Next, choose Select Camera.
  • Click on Camera Settings. Under Camera Settings, choose Motion Detection.
  • Finally, select Sensor Sensitivity to alter your Eufy doorbell motion sensitivity.

Move the sensitivity from ‘Low’ motion sensitivity numbers like 1 and 2 to higher motion sensitivity numbers like 5. Don’t set the motion sensitivity too high to avoid bogging down your phone with false alerts.

4. Change the Location of Your Eufy Doorbell

Your Eufy doorbell camera motion detection may be working properly. But if there is no movement happening around the camera’s viewing area, it won’t detect any motion.

Eufy doorbell cameras can only sense objects within a distance of 8m. If the object moves outside this distance, the doorbell camera won’t detect it.

To solve this problem, you need to unmount your Eufy doorbell from its original location and install it in a more appropriate place. Ensure you place the device within less than 8 feet from where motion likely occurs in your home.

5. Enable Push Notifications and Video Record

You might be using your phone on a different app than the Eufy app and wondering why you aren’t receiving any notifications. This may be because you only enabled ‘Notifications’ on the Eufy app. As such, the only time that you would receive any motion detection alerts is when you are on the Eufy app.

If you want to get notifications from your Eufy doorbell camera when you are not using the Eufy app, you have to turn on ‘Push Notifications’ in the app.

Take the following steps to activate Push Notifications on your Eufy app:

  • Click on the Security tab on the Homepage of your Eufy app.
  • Tap on Home/Away.
  • Next, choose Home/Away Settings.
  • Finally, click on Video Record/Push Notifications to activate push notifications on the app.

You will now receive motion detection notifications on your phone even if you are not using the Eufy app. Since the Push Notification setting also comes with automatic Video Record settings, your Eufy doorbell camera will record a video when it senses motion.

6. Connect Your Eufy Doorbell Camera to the Internet

Your Eufy doorbell camera needs an internet connection to function properly. That said, your doorbell camera won’t be able to detect motion if your Wi-Fi connection is faulty.

If your Eufy doorbell camera still can’t detect motion even after you’ve attempted all the tips above, you might need to check your Wi-Fi connection.

To determine whether you have a problematic Wi-Fi connection, connect your phone to your Wi-Fi connection and browse the internet with it. If you can’t surf the internet with your phone, your Wi-Fi connection is probably faulty.

Here’s how to fix a faulty Wi-Fi connection:

  • Press the Reset button on your Wi-Fi router
  • Then, wait for about 3 minutes.
  • Now, connect your phone to your Wi-Fi network to test your internet connection. If you can access the internet with your phone, your router is ready for use.
  • Wait for your Eufy doorbell camera to reconnect to the router.
  • Now, test its motion detection.

Wrapping Up

So that’s how to troubleshoot motion detection issues with your Eufy doorbell camera. One fix should do the trick, so ensure you try all the fixes.

And if none of the fixes help, try contacting Eufy customer service for help.

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