Will August Lock Work Without Wi-Fi? [Explained]

You are probably looking to get an August Smart Lock, or you already own one and are wondering if the lock can be operated without a Wi-Fi connection. If that sounds like you, keep reading.

August Smart Lock


Your August Lock will work without Wi-Fi as you can control it via Bluetooth when you’re within the Bluetooth range.

However, you’ll need Wi-Fi if you want to operate the lock remotely while you are away from home.

To learn more about how the August smart locks work, keep reading.

How the August Lock Works

August smart locks are available in different models, and each model has some slight difference in operation.

Let’s look at some models of August smart locks and how they work—especially when it comes to controlling them with or without Wi-Fi.

August Smart Lock

The August Lock offers built-in Bluetooth, which allows you to connect the lock to your phone. Once connected, you can use the August app on your phone to lock, unlock or create access codes when you’re within the Bluetooth range.

That said, using Bluetooth to connect your August Lock means you can only control the lock when you are close to it.

If you want to operate the lock from a distant room or another building using your phone, you’ll need to use Wi-Fi. Your August Lock can only connect to Wi-Fi through the August Wi-Fi bridge. So, you need to first pair the lock to the August Bridge if you want to control the device with Wi-Fi.

The August Lock also works well with Amazon Alexa. You can connect your August Lock through the August Wi-Fi Bridge and the August Smart Home Skills in the Alexa app.

August Lock Pro

Aside from the Bluetooth feature available in all August locks, the August Lock Pro also has a built-in Z-wave. So, you can use Bluetooth or Z-wave to connect this August lock to your phone if you are sitting close to the lock.

However, you’ll need to connect the lock to Wi-Fi if you want to control the device remotely. To connect your August Lock Pro to Wi-Fi, you have to pair it with the August Wi-Fi Bridge first.

This lock supports operation with voice commands. It is compatible with Alexa, which you can pair to the August lock through the August Wi-Fi Bridge or Samsung SmartThings Hub.

August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock offers superior features compared to other August locks. It has built-in Wi-Fi, a component that isn’t available in other locks manufactured under the August brand. The built-in Wi-Fi feature in the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock enables the device to connect to smartphones without a Wi-Fi bridge/hub.

If you don’t want to use Wi-Fi to pair this lock to your phone, you can also use Bluetooth. Just like other August smart locks, the August Wi-Fi Lock supports Bluetooth connectivity.

Note that the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can also be connected to Wi-Fi work via a smart home hub. So, if you want to save the battery in the lock, you can still link to a smart hub.

In addition, the August Wi-Fi Smart lock can connect to Alexa or Google Assistant without a hub.

Nevertheless, you need the August app to control your August Wi-Fi Smart Lock remotely.

More so, August recently introduced a smart keypad, which lets users operate their August lock without the August app.

More on August Smart Locks

Using August Smart Lock Without August Connect

You need August Connect to pair your August Lock with your phone. That said, August Connect is only necessary for August locks without built-in Wi-Fi.

If you are using the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock, which has built-in Wi-Fi, you don’t need August Connect to link the lock to your phone.

How August Smart Lock Differ from the Smart Lock Pro?

Although they have similar designs, the August Smart Lock and Smart Lock Pro are quite different.

The August Smart Lock Pro has some features that are not available on the August Smart Lock. For instance, while the August Smart Lock Pro offers built-in Bluetooth and Z-Wave August Smart Lock only features Bluetooth as its communication protocol.

Also, you need a smart hub to connect the August Smart Lock to a voice assistant like Alexa. In contrast, the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock can connect directly to your Alexa device.

August Wi-Fi Bridge Uses

The August Wi-Fi Bridge helps users to connect the lock to their smartphones or smart security system.

Some August locks also require an August Wi-Fi Bridge to pair with voice assistants.

Unlocking Your August Smart Lock Manually

You can unlock your August smart lock manually. Since your August Smart Lock fits into your deadbolt, the physical key for the deadbolt will work with your smart lock.

What Happens if August Smart Lock Battery Dies?

If your August Smart lock battery dies, you can use your physical key to open the lock. But you won’t be able to control the lock with your phone.

That said, your August lock will notify you several times when the battery gets low. Do your best to change the batteries before the lock completely loses power.

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Wrapping Up

All August smart locks can work without Wi-Fi. But if you need to control them remotely, a Wi-Fi connection is required.

For August smart locks without built-in Wi-Fi, you’ll need to get the August Connect to get it connected to Wi-Fi.