Wyze Lock Not Connecting [Quick Ways to Fix]

In this post, I’ve covered the common causes of Wi-Fi connection issues with the Wyze Lock and the steps to take to fix it. If this sounds like what you’re looking for, keep reading.

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If your Wyze Lock isn’t connecting, it might be due to the following:

  • Your Wyze Lock Gateway is offline.
  • Your lock is too far away from the Gateway.
  • The lock is malfunctioning.
  • Your Wyze Lock batteries are low.

Now, let’s show you how to troubleshoot these issues.

Troubleshooting Connection Issues in a Wyze Lock

Reconnect Your Wyze Lock Gateway to Wi-Fi

The Wyze Lock connects to the internet through its Gateway. So, if your Wyze Lock Gateway is offline, the lock will not connect.

You can fix this issue by power-cycling your Gateway.

To power-cycle your Gateway, unplug the device from your power outlet and wait for 5 minutes. Then, insert the Gateway’s plug back into the outlet.

Your Gateway may come online after this.

If your Wyze Lock Gateway doesn’t connect to the internet after you’ve power cycled it, your power outlet may be faulty. Remove the Gateway from the outlet it is connected to and plug the device into another outlet.

Is your Wyze Lock Gateway still offline? Then bring the Gateway closer to your router. This should improve the Gateway’s connection and reconnect it to the internet.

If your Gateway remains offline after this, reset the device. You can reset your Gateway by pressing and holding the Reset button until a blue and red light appears on the device. The Reset button is at the top of the Gateway.

After resetting your Gateway, you’ll need to re-add the Gateway to the Wyze app.

Your Wyze Lock Gateway will come online once you’ve reset the device and re-added it to the Wyze app.

If your Gateway is online, but your Wyze Lock isn’t connecting, go on to the next tip.

Bring Your Gateway Closer to Your Lock

Your Wyze Lock may not connect if it is too far from the Gateway. To resolve this problem, move the Gateway closer to the Wyze Lock. Then install the Gateway to the closest outlet to your lock.

If your lock doesn’t come online after you’ve moved the Gateway closer to it, move to the next step.

Reboot the Lock

If your Wyze Lock is not connecting, the device might be malfunctioning.

Rebooting the lock will solve any functional problems in the lock.

Here’s how to reboot your Wyze Lock:

  • Pull the cover of the lock to open it.
  • You’ll see the batteries, with a tab holding them down on each side.
  • Push down the tab on one side and remove one battery.
  • Wait 10 seconds.
  • Now, re-insert the battery into the battery compartment.
  • Pull the tab back up.
  • Now, close your Wyze Lock.
  • The lock will reboot now.

After the reboot is complete, your lock should connect to your Gateway. Then connect to the internet.

However, if the Wyze Lock doesn’t connect, continue to the next step.

Change the Batteries

If your Wyze Lock battery is low, the device will disconnect from Wi-Fi. After this, it won’t connect until you change the batteries. The Wyze Lock needs 4 AA batteries to function properly.

Follow the steps below to change the batteries in your lock:

  • Open your Wyze Lock cover by pulling it.
  • Pull down the tabs holding down your batteries.
  • Next, note the position of all the batteries. This will help you insert the new batteries correctly.
  • Remove all the batteries from their compartment.
  • Now, insert the new 4 AA batteries, placing them in the correct position.
  • A green light will appear above your batteries. This shows that you’ve inserted the batteries correctly.
  • Replace your lock cover to complete the process.

If your Wyze Lock doesn’t connect after you’ve replaced the batteries in the lock, try the last step.

Delete and Re-add Your Wyze Lock to your Wyze app.

If your Wyze Lock fails to connect after you’ve tried all the tips above, delete and re-add the Wyze Lock to your Wyze app. But first, create an app log for the issue in case you have to report it to Wyze Support.

Take the following steps to create an app log in the Wyze app:

  • Open your Wyze app. Then, click on your Wyze Lock and tap on the 3-dot icon.
  • Select Wyze Support. Then click on Submit a Log.
  • Now, select Connectivity Issues and enter the details about your issue.
  • You’ll get an app log ID. Save it as you may need it if you want to submit a complaint to Wyze Support.

Now that you’ve logged the issue, you can delete and re-add your Wyze Lock to your Wyze app.

Here’s how to remove your Wyze Lock from the app:

  • Click on your Wyze Lock on the Wyze app page.
  • Tap on the 3-dot icon to go to Settings.
  • Now, select Delete Device to remove the lock from the Wyze app.

After deleting your Wyze Lock, you should set it up again.

The following steps will help you re-add your Wyze to your Wyze app:

  • Click on Home in the Wyze app.
  • Select Add Device. Then click on Home.
  • Next, select Wyze Lock.
  • Tap your Gateway.
  • Remove the cover of the lock.
  • Now, press and hold the button at the top of the battery compartment. Release the button when you hear a beep from the lock.
  • A green light will now flash from the button. When you see this light, click on Next in the Wyze app.
  • The system will now ask you to calibrate the lock.
  • After you’ve calibrated the lock, the setup will be complete, and your Wyze Lock will connect to Wi-Fi.

If your Wyze Lock doesn’t connect after you’ve re-added the device to the Wyze app, reach out to Wyze Support.

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Wrapping Up

If your Wyze Lock isn’t connecting, check if your Gateway is online and reconnect it to Wi-Fi. Then move the Gateway closer to your lock.

If this doesn’t work, reboot your Wyze Lock. You may also need to change the batteries in the lock.

However, if the lock still isn’t connecting, delete and re-add the lock to your Wyze app.

Contact Wyze Support if your Wyze Lock doesn’t connect after you’ve re-added the device to the Wyze app.