Wyze Sense Hub Offline [Quick Ways to Fix]

So you just checked your Wyze Sense Hub in the Wyze app and realized that the device is offline? If so, keep reading to learn how to fix this issue.

Wyze Sense Hub Offline

How to Get Your Wyze Sense Hub Back Online

Check that Your Wyze Sense Hub Has Received Power

If your Wyze Sense Hub is offline, there’s a chance that the device has lost power. As you probably know, the hub needs to be powered on to stay connected.

If the hub has received power, one of its lights will light up. If you do not see any light on your Wyze Sense Hub, the device might be off. Check that the power outlet where the hub is plugged is working. You may also try switching to another power outlet to see if the device comes on.

However, if you notice one or more lights on the hub, and the device remains offline, continue to the next fix.

Check if Other Wyze Devices Are Offline

Is your Wyze Sense Hub the only device showing offline in the Wyze app? If not, there might be a problem with your ISP.

Contact your ISP if you notice that all your Wyze devices are offline.

But if your Wyze Sense Hub is the only device that is offline in your Wyze app, move on to the next step.

Restart Your Router

Your Wyze Sense Hub may go offline because of a minor connection error. If this happens, you can fix this issue by restarting your router.

Follow these steps to restart your router:

  • Unplug your router from the wall outlet that connects it to power.
  • Wait for about 30 seconds.
  • Now, re-insert the plug into the outlet.
  • Your router should restart within two minutes.

Your Wyze Sense Hub should connect to your router once the device is working. If the hub is still offline after restarting the router, continue to the next step.

Check that Your Router is on the 2.4GHz Network

The Wyze Sense Hub only supports the 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. If your router is not running on the 2.4GHz network, the hub won’t connect to Wi-Fi.

So, you can resolve this issue by changing your Wi-Fi network to a 2.4GHz band.

To confirm your router’s Wi-Fi band, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the Settings app on your phone.
  • If you use an iPhone, locate Wi-Fi and click on it. But if your phone is an Android device, select Connections or Wireless & networks.
  • The available Wi-Fi network on your router will appear. If the Wi-Fi network contains the number “5”, it is not a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network.

Once you’ve confirmed that your router is not on a 2.4GHz network, you’ll need to change it. Check your router’s manual to see how to change your Wi-Fi network to a 2.4GHz band.

Connect Your Wyze Sense Hub to Your Router with an Ethernet Cable

Your Wyze Sense Hub may still stay offline after you’ve changed your Wi-Fi network to a 2.4GHz band. In that case, you may need to link the device to your router using an Ethernet cord.

Using an Ethernet cord to link your hub to your router provides a faster and more stable connection than most wireless methods. Your Wyze Sense Hub should come online after you’ve connected it to the router with an ethernet cable.

However, if the hub remains offline, continue to the next step

Power Cycle the Hub

If your Wyze Sense Hub stays offline after you’ve tried all the tips above, you can try power cycling it.

Follow these steps to power cycle your Wyze Sense Hub:

  • Remove the hub’s plug from the outlet where it is plugged.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Now, re-plug the device back into the power outlet.

Your Wyze Sense Hub should reconnect to Wi-Fi after this. But if it doesn’t, the final step may fix the issue.

Update Your Wyze App

If your Wyze app is outdated, your Wyze Sense Hub may go offline. This outdated app may contain bugs that make the application wrongly detect the hub as ‘offline’ when the device is online.

If you want to get the best out of your Wyze Sense Hub, you need to update the app.

Take the following steps to update your Wyze app:

  • If your phone is an Android device, open the Google Play Store to update your Wyze app. But if you are using an iPhone, go to the App store.
  • Input “Wyze app” in the search bar. The app will appear in the search results.
  • Tap the Wyze app to go to the download page.
  • Then, click on Update to download the latest version of the Wyze app.

After updating your Wyze app, restart the application. Your Wyze app should now show the Wyze Sense Hub as online.

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Wrapping Up

If your Wyze Sense Hub is offline, confirm that the device is connected to power. Then check if other Wyze devices are offline.

 If the hub is the only device offline, restart the router. But if this fails, check if the router is on a 2.4GHz network. Change your Wi-Fi network if it is not a 2.4GHz network.

You can also use an Ethernet cable to link the Wyze Sense Hub to your router to fix the issue.

If your Wyze Sense Hub refuses to come online after you’ve tried all these tips, power cycle the device. Update your Wyze app if power cycling the hub doesn’t reconnect it to Wi-Fi.

And if none of the fixes help, contact Wyze Customer Support for help.