Amazon Smart Plug Keeps Disconnecting [How to Fix]

Smart plugs are an important part of a smart home. They are a great tool that can help you turn standard electrical appliances into smart appliances. But these devices need to be connected at all times to enjoy them to their full capacity.

Amazon Smart Plug

So, if your smart plugs keep disconnecting, this post has some troubleshooting tips you can try.

An unstable internet connection is the most likely reason your Amazon smart plug keeps disconnecting. This might be happening because your router is located too far from the plug or your connection strength is too weak. If these are not the problem, then you might just need to reset your smart plug or update your smart plug’s firmware and the app. 

In this post, I’ve highlighted some reasons your smart plugs keep disconnecting and what you can do to fix it. If this sounds like what you want, then keep reading!

Tips to Fix Amazon Smart Plug Connectivity Problems

Fix Unstable Network

This is one of the major reasons your smart plug might disconnect. The device needs a strong internet connection to function properly. When you have a weak internet connection, the plug may keep disconnecting.

Some of the things that could cause a weak internet connection is the proximity of your router to the plug. When your router is located too far away from the device, your signal strength may be too weak. In that case, you will need to reposition your router to a place closer.

Also, if you have a sort of barrier between the router and the smart plug, such as a wall. It would help if you also look into that too. Place the router where there won’t be any barrier between the two devices.

However, if your router is not too far away and there is no barrier in-between, and yet your smart plug keeps disconnecting, then you might want to look into some other reasons this might be happening.

But before you move on, it is also good you restart your router. This is also another excellent way to fix network issues between smart plugs and routers.

Power Cycle the Plug

This involves removing the smart plug from the socket and plugging it back in. As simple as this may look, it can help fix issues with smart plugs disconnecting.

So if the internet connection is not the reason your smart plug keeps disconnecting, remove the plug from the wall and put it back in after a few seconds.

However, if this doesn’t fix the issue, keep reading for more reasons your smart plug might be disconnecting.

The Smart Plug is Not Set up Correctly

Most smart pug users experience this issue because their smart plugs are not correctly set up. If your smart plug also keeps disconnecting or suddenly becomes unresponsive, then this might also be the reason.

If you set up the smart plug yourself, then you will need to make sure you add the plug as a plug and not as another device.

Most people make this mistake—they add their smart plugs as either a switch or light. That way, the plug will not be properly connected. 

So try removing your plug from the app and set it up again, following the instructions carefully. 

Reset the Plug Smart plug

Sometimes, factory resetting your Amazon smart plug can help fix the issue of constant disconnection. This is not only useful for smart plugs; most electronic/smart devices are repaired by simply resetting them.

Doing this for your smart plug can also work wonders. However, you will need to set up the device again once the reset is complete.

If you want to reset your smart plug to fix the issue of constant disconnection, here are the steps to follow:

  • Keep your smart plug plugged in.
  • Find the reset/power button on the device.
  • Press and hold the button for about 10 seconds until you see flashing lights showing on the device.
  • Now release the button. Your smart plug has been successfully reset.

Now you need to set up the device again. Follow the instructions in the app when setting it up so you can do it correctly. This should fix the issue you are having. But if it still won’t fix it, continue to the next step.

Your Smart Plug is Broken or Faulty

If your smart plug keeps disconnecting and you have tried all the above-mentioned fixes to no avail, then chances are that there is a problem with the device. A broken or faulty smart plug will regularly experience disconnection.

You can contact Amazon support for help or get a replacement.

Power Issues in Your Home

Just as the plug needs an internet connection to function, it also needs electricity. If you have issues with the power supply in your house, it may cause your smart plug to keep disconnecting.

So check and be sure where the problem is coming from. If it is just one section of your home that is experiencing power supply issues, switch the smart plug to a different socket in another part of the home.

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Final Note

The beauty of a smart plug is to stay connected at all times so you can enjoy the most from it. However, your plug can keep disconnection for different reasons.

First among these reasons is a problem with your internet connection. You may need to check your signal strength and probably reposition your router to make it closer enough to your plug. You can also reset the router to fix the issue.

In this post, we have discussed in detail some reasons Amazon smart plug might keep disconnecting. So scroll up to see why yours is also disconnecting and also check how to fix it.