LifeSmart Heater Won’t Turn On? (How to Troubleshoot)

Not sure why your LifeSmart heater intermittently shuts off or won’t turn on at all? There are several reasons behind this issue, and you could fix it by trying different troubleshooting steps.

So in this post, I’ll walk you through some troubleshooting steps to fix your LifeSmart heater that won’t turn on or shut off intermittently. Let’s head right into it!

LifeSmart Heater Won’t Turn On

LifeSmart Heater Won’t Turn On: Try These Troubleshooting Steps

1. Check for Loose Plugs

This is the first place to start if your heater won’t power on. Your plugs might be loose. This usually happens when the power outlet has become loose due to excessive use. There is a spring in these outlets that helps keep power plugs in place. But when the outlet is overused, the springs may lose their grip on the plugs.

To fix this, you can either replace the outlet altogether or get an adapter to connect your heater. The adapter will hold well to the outlet, while on the other end, keep your plugs firmly connected. With that, your LifeSmart Heater should power on again.

Continue to the next step if the problem persists.

2. Change Your Power Cord

Apart from having loose plugs, a faulty power cord can also make your LifeSmart Heater not turn on or shut off intermittently. So if you are experiencing this issue, you want to check to be sure your cord is working well.

To do this, lift your heater and check the wire for any cut, frays, or bending. If there is any, then your power cord might be faulty, and you need to replace it. However, before you replace your LifeSmart heater’s power cord, ensure you first check the specifications given in the user manual.

If you’ve fixed the power cord and your heater now functions correctly, congratulations! But if not, see the next troubleshooting step.

3. Change Outlet

As earlier mentioned, a damaged or bad outlet may cause your LifeSmart Heater not to turn on. Power outlets have small fuses in them that help protect your device in case of power problems. These small fuses can get burned because of fluctuation in electrical current to protect your heater from getting damaged. So, check if your outlet is still working fine by trying to connect your heater to another outlet.

If your heater turns on when plugged into another outlet, then the other outlet is damaged and needs replacement. So that means your heater is not faulty but the outlet. Replace the outlet and ensure you plug your heater into a working outlet.

4. Contact a Technician or LifeSmart Support Team

For the most part, one of the above troubleshooting tips should fix your malfunctioning LifeSmart Heater. But if the problem persists, then you may have to contact a Technician or call LifeSmart support for help.

More so, you may consider replacing your heater depending on its lifespan.

Related Questions About LifeSmart Heater

Why is my heater fan still running even after it is turned off?

This is not unusual. The fan of your heater may continue to run even after its set temperature is reached or turned off. It will continue like that until the very last bit of heat is blown out of the heating chamber. The fan will shut off on its own once the internal box cools completely. That could take about half an hour.

When I plug in my LifeSmart Heater, it takes a long time to feel a temperature change; why is that?

Normally, it will take about half an hour before you can start feeling a temperature change. However, this might take even longer if you have a larger room with open floor plans. It can take up to 24 hours to heat up.

Are infrared heating systems safe?

Yes, they are absolutely safe! Infrared heating systems use clean heating elements to provide energy, so there are no fumes or flames produced.

How do you reset the LifeSmart Heater?

To reset your LifeSmart Heater, simply turn it off, then unplug it from the electrical outlet. Wait for some minutes (about 10 minutes) for the unit to cool down, then plug it back in and turn the device on. This should reset the heater.

How do you turn on a LifeSmart Heater?

To turn on the device, follow the steps below:

  • Plug the power cord into an outlet.
  • Press the Power button at the back of the heater, and the power LED will turn on.
  • Next, Press the Power button on the front control panel to start the unit.
  • Press the MODE button to set the unit to AUTO.
  • Press the MODE button again to set the heater to HIGH, then press again to set it to LOW.

And that’s all about turning on/starting your LifeSmart Heater.

Wrapping Up

If your LifeSmart heater won’t turn on, chances are the plugs are loose or the power cord is damaged. More so, you want to check that the heater is plugged into a working outlet as that can cause your device not to turn on.

So be sure to carefully check for a loose plug, damaged cord, or faulty outlet and fix them. This should resolve the issue you’re having with your LifeSmart heater.

But if the problem persists, contact LifeSmart Support for assistance.

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