Schlage FE595 Won’t Lock? (Explained & Solved!)

Not sure why your Schlage FE595 won’t lock? If so, keep reading as I’ll walk you through the steps to resolve this problem. Let’s dive in!

In short, here’s what to do if your Schlage FE595 won’t lock:

  • Check to see if your lock is set to “unlocked” and return it to the re-lock position.
  • Check and replace batteries and ensure they’re correctly installed.
  • Restore factory default settings on your lock.

Not enough information to fix the “locking” issue with your Schlage keypad lock? I get that! Read on for more details on how to troubleshoot your lock.

Schlage FE595 Won’t Lock: How to Troubleshoot

1. Check that Your Lock Isn’t Set to Unlocked

What is “unlocked” in Schlage FE595, you ask? “Unlocked” is a feature in Schlage FE595 that (when enabled) keeps your lock unlocked until you disable it.

As you probably know, your lock automatically relocks after unlocking it via the keypad. But the reverse is the case when your lock is set to “unlocked” — you won’t need a User Code to unlock it. What this means is, your lock will not lock when the “unlocked” feature is enabled.

So check the inside assembly of your lock to see if the thumb turn is set to the vertical position. If so, it means “unlocked” is enabled, and you’ll have to rotate the thumb turn to the horizontal position to disable “unlocked” mode. See the image below.

Schlage FE595 Won’t Lock

So if your lock was actually set to “unlocked”, returning it to the re-lock position will fix the issue. But if not, see the next troubleshooting step.

2. Check and Replace Batteries

Low or completely drained batteries can cause undesirable operations in your lock. So if the problem persists after trying the first troubleshooting step, check to see if the batteries are in order.

Though Schlage FE595 comes with a low battery warning sign (frequent red flashes), you may sometimes not get this signal—probably due to bad batteries. So, replace the batteries and try to lock your door again to see if it works.

More so, ensure you get the right batteries and do not mix old batteries with new ones. The lock uses 4 AA non-rechargeable alkaline batteries. Energizer and Duracell are excellent brands to consider.

You also want to ensure that the batteries are properly installed and reconnect the battery connector properly.

Continue to the next step if the issue persists.

Restore Factory Settings on the Lock

So if the above troubleshooting steps couldn’t fix the issue, perform a factory reset on your lock. As you probably know, restoring factory default settings is a go-to solution for most problems with Schlage keypad locks.

To reset your Schlage FE595, follow the steps below:

  • Step 1: Remove the battery cover and disconnect the battery. You may also remove the battery.
  • Step 2: Press and release the Schlage button.
  • Step 3: Put the battery back in, reconnect it, and then press and hold the Schlage button until it lights green and the lock beeps once. This step should be completed within 10 seconds.

So that’s how to reset your Schlage FE595, and it should fix the locking issue you’re having with the lock.

Note: All your User Codes and other custom settings will be erased after performing a factory reset. Be sure you have the default Programming Code handy, as you’ll need it to reprogram your lock. The default Programming Code and User Codes can be found on the inside of your lock interior assembly or the User Manual—printed on a white sticker.

Final Thoughts

Is your lock now working properly? If not, try to lock it with a physical key to see if it works. If it locks with a physical key, then it’s an electronic problem. You may contact Schlage Customer Support for help. 

But if a physical key couldn’t lock it still, chances are the latch isn’t retracting, and a faulty internal mechanism could cause this.

Perhaps the internal mechanism is jammed or broken. To fix this, you’ll have to remove the lock from the door and then disassemble it. If it’s jammed, remove dust and lubricate all moving parts with a dry lube—graphite lube works fine. And if the internal mechanism is broken, contact Schlage Customer Support for a replacement.

More so, keep in mind that wrong installation may also cause this problem. So check and ensure that your lock is properly installed. You may contact a locksmith to check and reinstall the lock properly.

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