Smart Locks that Fit Over Existing Deadbolts

Do you want to have a smart lock installed on your door but don’t want to get rid of your existing deadbolt? Then you need a smart lock that fits over existing deadbolts.

If you’re wondering if there is a smart lock that works with an existing deadbolt, the quick answer is yes. And in this post, we’ve featured the top smart locks that fit over existing deadbolts. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, then let’s head right into it!

So here’s a quick round-up of the top smart locks that work with existing deadbolts:

  • August Wi-Fi Smart Lock.
  • Wyze Smart Lock.
  • Yale Assure Touchscreen Deadbolt.
  • Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock.

Want to learn about the features of each lock? Then keep reading!

Top Smart Locks that Fit Over Existing Deadbolts: Features

1. August Wi-Fi Smart Lock

Smart Lock for Existing Deadbolt

The August Wi-Fi Smart Lock comes with many unique features. As you’ll expect, the lock is compatible with most existing deadbolts. Specifically, it works with most standard single cylinder deadbolts.

So, if you are in the market for a smart lock that can fit over your existing deadbolt, you want to consider this lock.

But that’s not all about the August Wi-Fi Smart Lock. Let’s look at other features of this lock.

One unique feature of the August Wi-Fi Smart is its built-in Wi-Fi. What this means is, users won’t need to get it connected to Wi-Fi via a hub/Wi-Fi bridge. It connects directly to your home Wi-Fi, allowing you to control it remotely via the app on your phone.

More so, the lock works with Google Assistant and Alexa, meaning you can connect it to these voice assistant systems and control it hands-free (locking and unlocking).

With this lock, you won’t have to worry about the status of your door—whether you left it unlocked. You can program the auto-lock feature to lock your door automatically when the door closes. Moreover, you can check the status of your door via the app.

Yes, the lock comes with an auto-unlock. With this feature enabled, your door automatically unlocks once you approach the door.

2. Wyze Smart Lock

Smart Locks that Fit Over Existing Deadbolts

Another top smart lock that works with several existing deadbolts is the Wyze smart lock. This lock is completely keyless and offers different keyless entry methods.

First, you can add it to the Wyze app and control it remotely via the app. It is also compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa, so you can open your door by asking Alexa or Google Assistant to unlock the lock.

Of course, the lock fits over your existing deadbolt. So you can unlock it via your existing deadbolt.

With this lock, you can easily share access to your home with friends, family, contractors, dog walkers, and whoever you want. It also allows you to monitor the locking and unlocking history.

That is, you can see when the lock was last locked or unlocked and the code that was used to lock/unlock it. The Wyze Lock gives you complete control of who can access your home.

What’s more, this lock has a door position detection feature. It doesn’t only notify you about the lock status of your door. It also tells you if it is opened or closed.

3. Yale Assure Touchscreen Keyless Smart Lock

Image of smart lock that fits over existing deadbolt

Yale Assure Touchscreen smart lock is another smart lock with several unique features. And it’s designed to fit over most existing deadbolts—meaning you can unlock your door with your existing deadbolt keys even when you have this lock installed.

Like the Wyze lock, this model of Yale smart lock is completely keyless. It lets you lock and unlock your door via a dedicated app, and using passcodes. You can create and share passcodes with anyone you want to give access to your home while you’re away. And you can monitor the locking and unlocking history via the app.

The lock works with Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and other compatible Z-wave systems. You can also integrate this lock with the Ring Alarm Security System, then lock and unlock it remotely through the Ring Alarm app.

This lock also has a 9V battery terminal that prevents lock-out due to dead batteries. You don’t have to work yourself up if you’re locked outside; just hold a 9V battery to the terminals and enter your code to unlock.

More so, the lock features auto-relock, which ensures your door is always locked behind you. You have to enable this feature yourself to get it working.

This lock also works with Google Home and Alexa, so you can control it hands-free with Alexa and Google Assistant.

4. Kwikset Kevo Smart Lock

Smart Lock that work Existing Deadbolts

Kwikset makes the installation of smart locks over existing deadbolts effortless.

With the Kwikset Kevo, an existing deadbolt can be upgraded into a smart lock in a few minutes. You read that right; the lock is easy to install and you only need a screwdriver to get it installed.

The lock is compatible with most standard cylinder deadbolts—Schlage, Baldwin, Weiser, etc.

Like other smart locks, Kwikset Kevo features remote locking and unlocking. Using the Kevo app, you can lock and unlock your door remotely and share e-keys with friends and family.

In addition, the Kwikset Kevo Convert works with several smart systems, such as Amazon Alexa and Ring Doorbell. That is, connecting your Kevo to these smart home systems lets you control the lock remotely via the apps.

Final Thoughts

So there it is! Installing a smart lock that fits with your existing deadbolt offers you an additional entry mode. Yes, you can unlock your door using the existing deadbolt’s key.

Besides offering you an additional entry mode, it helps you unlock your door if the lock malfunctions. Smart locks could malfunction—low battery power, unstable Wi-Fi connection, etc. If this happens, you may get locked out if the smart lock doesn’t come with a keyhole/works with your existing deadbolt.

So, it’s only wise to go for smart locks that let you keep your existing deadbolt. This way, you can switch to key entry if the keyless entry malfunctions.

And if you’re wondering which smart lock to get that fits over existing deadbolts, you can explore our top choices above.

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