Vivint Doorbell Not Ringing Inside House? (Fixes to Try)

Wondering why you don’t hear your Vivint doorbell inside the house when a visitor rings? If so, keep reading to find out how you can troubleshoot your Vivint doorbell when it produces low sounds or goes mute.

Before we discuss how to resolve soft sounds in your Vivint doorbell, let’s share why your doorbell may have suddenly gone silent.

Vivint Doorbell Not Ringing Inside House

Common reasons why your Vivint doorbell may stop ringing are:

  • You reduced or muted the sound of the doorbell.
  • Your Vivint doorbell is not properly connected to your SkyControl Panel.

Vivint Doorbell Not Ringing Inside House: Try the Following Troubleshooting Tips

1. Increase the Volume of Your Vivint doorbell

Sometimes, your Vivint doorbell might have a low ring because you accidentally muted it in the past. Perhaps you once thought that the sound of the doorbell was too jarring. So, you decreased it. But now, you’ve probably forgotten that you ever altered your Vivint doorbell volume.

If your Vivint doorbell camera isn’t ringing inside the house, the first thing you should do is to increase the volume. This would make it ring louder when someone visits your home.

Follow the steps below to increase your Vivint doorbell volume:

  • Open your SkyControl panel and click on the volume icon at the upper right corner of your screen.
  • Then, increase your Vivint doorbell volume to your preferred intensity.
  • Log out of your SkyControl panel.

You should now be able to hear your Vivint doorbell properly when someone rings. But if not, continue to the next step.

2. Reboot Your SkyControl Panel

If your Vivint doorbell still produces low sounds even after you’ve increased its volume, then your doorbell and panel may have connectivity issues. And you may need to reboot the SkyControl panel to increase the sound of your doorbell.

Take the following steps to reboot your SkyControl panel:

  • Open your SkyControl Panel
  • Click on the button over Armed Stay to disarm the panel.
  • Enter your SkyControl Panel pin.
  • Now, tap on the menu icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Click on Devices.
  • Then, choose Display.
  • You will now see a list of panels. Tap on the panel that your Vivint doorbell is linked to.
  • Finally, click on Reboot to reboot your panel.

Rebooting your panel should take about 10-20 minutes. Once the panel has finished rebooting, ask someone to test the sound of your Vivint doorbell.

3. Reboot Your Vivint Doorbell

If you can barely hear your doorbell after increasing its volume and rebooting your panel, you might need to power cycle it.

Here’s how to reboot your Vivint doorbell:

  • Press and hold your Vivint doorbell camera button for about 15 seconds. Your doorbell will produce a chime once your finger comes in contact with the camera button. After this, the LED light on the button should start switching to different colors.
  • Hold the button until the yellow light appears the second time.
  • Once you see the second yellow light, take your hand off the button. Please note that you must release the doorbell camera button within 15 seconds of holding it. If you hold the button for over 15 seconds, the LED light on the camera button may turn red. This will reset your Vivint doorbell.

Your Vivint doorbell camera button will display the yellow light until the doorbell finishes rebooting. Once the reboot is complete, a white light will appear. If someone rings your doorbell after you’ve rebooted it, you should be able to hear the sound from anywhere in your house.

Wrapping Up

If trying all the tips in this article doesn’t fix the sound of your Vivint doorbell, consult Vivint support for help.

To recap, here’s what to do when the sound of your Vivint doorbell is too low:

  • Increase the volume of the doorbell
  • Reboot your SkyControl Panel
  • Reboot your Vivint doorbell.

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