What Happens When Drive Detection is Turned Off on Life360?

Are you thinking of turning on Drive Detection on your Life360 app? Then, you might be wondering if anything will change in the app when you do so.

In this article, I’ll help you discover what happens when you turn off Drive Detection on Life360. We’ll also show you how to disable the feature in the app.

Life360 Drive Detection

Let’s get into the article.

What Happens When You Turn Off Drive Detection on Life360?

If you turn off Drive Detection on your Life360 app, all your current driving information will disappear from the app.

Drive Detection analyzes and reports the following driving information to the members of your Life360 Circle:

Driving Speed: Life360 stores the average driving speed of all the members in the Circle. If you’re driving above this speed, the app will send a real-time speed alert to your Circle members. It will also store your speed rating in your driving report.

Phone Usage: If you move or unlock your phone while driving, Life360 will detect the action and report it as phone usage.

Rapid Acceleration: Changing your speed too fast will make the Life360 app send your Circle a notification.

Hard Braking: Life360 will also alert your Circe when you’re pressing too hard on the brakes.

Crash Detection: Life360 uses sensors in your phone to determine when you’ve been in a car crash. That said, the app rarely detects crashes outside head-on collisions. This is because the phone sensors responsible for crash detection don’t register low-impact crashes like rear-end collisions or fender-benders.

If you are on the basic Life360 plan, Life360 will only notify you and your Circle members when you are involved in a car crash. However, if you are a Gold or Platinum member, the app will also dispatch emergency services to your location.

Before you disable Drive Detection on your Life360 app, remember that Life360 is more than a detector of bad driving habits. Aside from notifying you and your family members of your risky driving patterns, it also helps you improve your driving habits. And in the case of a crash, it can even ensure your safety.

If you still want to disable Drive Detection after this, keep reading.

How to Turn Off Drive Detection on Life360

Follow these steps to turn off Drive Detection on Life360:

  • Go to the Home screen of your Life360 app.
  • Click on the gear icon at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Select Drive Detection.
  • Then, toggle off the switch beside Drive Detection.

How to Tell If Someone Turned Off Drive Detection on Life360

The easiest way to tell that someone has turned off Drive Detection on the Life360 app is if the current driving information suddenly disappears from the app.

But there are two problems with this method:

  • You can’t tell that they’ve disabled Drive Detection until they start driving (What if you don’t know when they are driving?)
  • There are other reasons why you may lose access to a Circle member’s driving information.

The only way to solve the first problem is to confirm that they’re driving before checking the app. You can either call someone around them to check if they’re driving, or wait until you can see them driving. If you open your app when they’re driving, and you can’t see any data, they’ve probably disabled Drive Detection.

It’s also important to note that disabling Drive Detection isn’t the only reason why your Life360 app may stop showing your Circle member’s real-time driving report. Other situations that can make you lose access to a Circle member’s driving information include:

  • The member is driving at a nearby location (within 800m or less)
  • Low battery on your phone (below 10%).
  • Your battery saver is turned on.
  • Weak cell signal.

There is a difference in the way Life360 disables driving data when someone turns off the Drive Detection manually, and when the app automatically deactivates the information.

 If Life360 disables Drive Detection automatically, it will still record the driving activity as a trip. However, if your Circle member turns off Drive Detection, there will be no record of the activity.

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Wrapping Up

If you don’t want your Circle members to be able to tell that you’ve turned off Drive Detection, wait until you’ve left their surroundings before disabling the feature. Once you’re moving back into their midst, reactivate Drive Detection on your Life360 app.