Wyze Cam Offline After Firmware Update [How to Fix]

Not sure why your Wyze Cam shows offline in the app after updating its firmware? This post covers some reasons behind this problem and troubleshooting tips to try. If that sounds like what you’re looking for, keep reading!

Wyze Cam


If your Wyze camera goes offline after a firmware update, its power adapter may not be working properly. Connecting the camera to a faulty power outlet may also cause the device to lose its connection.

That said, let’s look at what you can do to get your Wyze Cam back online.

How to Fix ‘Wyze Cam Offline After Firmware Update’ Issue

Connect Your Wyze Camera to a New Power Outlet

Your power outlet may have developed a fault while you were updating your Wyze camera’s firmware. This might be the reason the camera went offline after the firmware update.

To resolve this problem, connect your Wyze camera to a new power outlet.

If the Wyze camera doesn’t come online after you’ve connected the device to a new power outlet, try the next tip.

Replace Your Power Adapter

Your Wyze camera needs to be connected to power to stay online. So, if your Wyze camera goes offline after a firmware update, your power adapter may have stopped working. In that case, you may need to change your power adapter to bring the camera back online.

If the camera remains offline after you’ve changed your power adapter, check out the next tip.

Reboot Your Wyze Cam

Your Wyze camera may disconnect from Wi-Fi after a firmware update. When this happens, the camera usually reconnects immediately. However, a network error may prevent the device from coming back online.

You can fix this issue by rebooting your Wyze camera.

Here’s how to reboot your Wyze camera:

  • Unplug the camera from its power outlet.
  • Wait for 30 seconds.
  • Now, re-plug the camera into the outlet.

Your Wyze camera should come back online after rebooting the device. But if your camera is still offline, move to the next step.

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Flash Your Wyze Cam Firmware

A bug in your Wyze camera firmware may have caused the camera to go offline after the firmware update was complete. To fix this issue, you’ll need to replace the firmware with another version.

Since you won’t find a different firmware version in the Wyze app, you’ll have to update your Wyze cam firmware manually. You can do this by flashing your firmware.

The guide below will show you how to flash your Wyze camera firmware:

  • Remove your microSD card from the camera. You’ll find your microSD card at the bottom of your Wyze camera.
  • Insert your microSD card into the SD card slot on your desktop.
  • Next, open a web browser on your desktop and enter “Wyze Release Notes Page” in the address bar.
  • Click on your Wyze camera model to reveal the latest firmware version.
  • Now, you’ll need to download the firmware. If your Operating System (OS) is Windows, right-click on the firmware and tap Extract All. However, if you are using a Mac OS, drag the folder from the Release Notes page, and drop it in the microSD card directory.
  • Next, rename the firmware folder. The new name for the folder differs from one Wyze camera model to another. Check the Release Notes Page for the appropriate folder name for your camera model.
  • Switch off your camera. Then insert your microSD card into the camera.
  • Connect your camera to power.
  • Next, press and hold the setup button for about 6 seconds. The status light on the camera should turn solid purple.
  • Release your setup button once you see the solid purple light on the camera.
  • Now, wait for 4 minutes. Your camera will reboot during this time. The status light on the camera will also change.

Your Wyze camera should come back online after rebooting.

Please note that you do not need to restart the setup process after flashing your firmware.

If your camera is still offline after you’ve flashed the firmware, continue to the next step.

Factory Reset Your Wyze Camera

If your Wyze camera doesn’t come back online after you’ve tried the above tips, you’ll need to factory reset the camera.

Take the following steps to factory reset your Wyze camera:

  • Press and hold the setup button on the camera until you see a solid red light on the camera. You’ll find the setup button at the bottom of the camera.
  • In a few seconds, the red light will start flashing. A flashing red light means that the factory reset is complete.

After factory resetting your Wyze camera, you’ll need to set up the device again.

Here’s how to set up your Wyze camera:

  • Open the Wyze app on your phone.
  • Click on the + sign at the upper left corner of the screen.
  • Next, select Add Device.
  • Tap Cameras.
  • Then, click on your Wyze camera model.
  • Now plug your camera into a power outlet and click Next.
  • Press the setup button at the base of your camera once. You’ll hear “Ready to Connect”.
  • Tap “I heard the words Ready to Connect” in the app. Then click on Next.
  • You’ll see a list of all the Wi-Fi networks available to you. Choose your 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network and input your password.
  • If you’ve entered the correct password, a QR code will appear in the app. Then the camera will ask you to scan the QR code.
  • Hold your camera in front of your phone screen to scan the QR code. You’ll hear the words “QR Code Scanned. Please Wait.”
  • Then the camera will say “Setup Completed”.
  • Click Next and choose a name for your device.
  • Now tap Finish to complete the setup.

Your Wyze camera should come back online after this.

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Wrapping Up

If your Wyze camera goes offline after a firmware update, connect your camera to another power outlet. Then change your power adapter. You can also reboot your camera to fix the issue.

If that fails to work, flash your Wyze camera’s firmware. But if the camera doesn’t come back online after you’ve tried the above tips, factory reset the camera. Your camera should be online after the factory reset.