How to Lock and Unlock an Emtek Lock

In this post, you’ll learn how to lock and unlock your Emtek Electronic Deadbolt — from outside and inside.

And if you’re having trouble locking/unlocking the lock, I have included some handy tips here to help you overcome the issue.

That said, let’s head over to the instructions.

Locking Your Emtek Lock

Follow these steps to lock your Emtek Lock from outside:

Emtek Assa Abloy

  1. Press the EMTEK button to wake the keypad.
  2. Now rotate the Thumb Turn to lock the lock.
  3. Or, touch three fingers on the screen. Then enter a valid 4-digit User Code and rotate the Thump Turn to lock your door.
  4. To lock your door from inside, rotate the inside Thumb Turn to the lock position.

Unlocking Your Emtek Lock

To unlock your Emtek Lock from outside, follow these steps:


  1. Press the EMTEK button on the keypad.
  2. Enter a 4-digit User Code.
  3. Rotate the Thumb Turn. If the user code is correct, the lock will unlock.
  4. You can unlock your door from the inside by rotating the inside Thumb Turn to the unlock position.

Note that Emtek Electronic Deadbolts (EmTouch, EmTouch Classic, etc.) come with a key override. So, you can also lock and unlock your door by using the physical key.

Simply insert the key into the keyhole and rotate it to lock/unlock position.

Are you having challenges locking/unlocking your Emtek Lock with User Codes? Keep reading.

Troubleshooting Emtek Electronic Deadbolt Locking and Unlocking Issues

Inspect the Battery

Low battery power can cause some features in the Emtek Lock to not work properly. If you’re experiencing locking/unlocking issues, a low battery might be the culprit.

Start your troubleshooting by checking the battery — remove it and reinsert it to see if it resolves the issue.

If the problem persists, the battery might be low. Get a new 9V battery and replace the old one.

If you still experience the problem with the new battery, continue to the next step.

Perform a Reset

Another way to resolve issues like this with an Emtek Lock is to perform a reset.

As you probably know, resetting the lock will remove all settings and restore the factory default settings. If the issue is caused by incorrect settings or other internal glitches, it should be resolved once the reset is complete.

Follow the steps below to reset your lock:

  1. Press and hold the EMTEK button on the keypad for 3 seconds.
  2. Enter 000000. You’ll see two green flashes and hear two beeps.
  3. Disconnect the battery. Then wait 5 seconds and reconnect the battery.
  4. The lock will blink green twice, then beep twice. This shows the reset is complete.

Find the default User Codes, then lock the door and try to unlock it to see if everything works fine.

Make sure to reprogram the lock — change the Programming Code, add User Codes, etc., after the reset.

Reinstall the Lock

Are you still experiencing locking/unlocking issues after resetting the lock? If so, incorrect installation could be the culprit.

Issues like this could be happening because the thumb turn wasn’t set in the right position during installation. The Thumb Turn needs to be set to the Unlocked position during installation. If it’s set to the Locked position, the lock won’t lock/unlock properly.

Remove the lock from the door and reinstall it — making sure the thumb turn is set to the Unlocked position.

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Wrapping Up

As you can see, locking or unlocking the Emtek Electronic Deadbolt is a straightforward process.

But if you have trouble locking or unlocking the door, the troubleshooting tips in this post should be able to help you overcome the problem.